Orient Mako 2 Diver Reviews

Last Updated on October 25, 2020

Watches give us more than the time; they can become the perfect accessory to complete your style. It is possible that many times we want to buy a watch of good quality but at the best price. Thinking of those who love to wear a good watch on their wrist, the manufacturer Orient specializes in making watches that have a relationship of quality and excellent price. The Orient Mako II is one of his creations; it is a very resistant watch at the best price on the market. Learn about the features and benefits of purchasing an Orient Mako II Diver watch.

Orient Mako 2 Diver

Characteristics of the Orient Mako 2

The watch brand Orient has more than sixty years of experience in this market. His creations are characterized by being classic. Orient diver watches have a mechanical operation, that is, do not use batteries and manages to operate thanks to the energy provided by the movement of the hand.

Orient Mako II is a great watch that has been designed for those who love classic watches. It can be the perfect complement that will stylize the image of whoever wears it and is ideal for an important event.

Size, weight, and material of Orient Mako 2

The Orient Mako II has a case measuring 44 millimeters; its exact size is 44 x 50 x 14. The belt is 22 millimeters wide. It weighs approximately 200 g and is made mainly of stainless steel, and its crystal is mineral.

With these features, the Orient Mako II offers a very balanced and elegant combination of size, weight, and material, which makes it one of the best men’s watches that correlate excellently with the price.

Although at first sight, it seems a bit big, when you put it on your wrist you will notice that it is not exaggerated and it looks very good. The crown is not so big as to disturb the wrist but has an adequate size.

Specifications of the Orient Mako 2

  • The Orient Mako II is a watch that has a steel case and whose lid is closed in the form of a thread. It is considered a “diver” or diving type watch with the capacity to be submerged up to 200 meters deep. It has resistant stainless steel straps with a locking system with a lock.
  • Other features of this watch are: It has arrows that are elegant and let you read the time without effort.
  • As we said, the crystal is mineral and not sapphire.
  • The bezel is rotary and can be achieved in the following color combination: With the black bezel and the white, black or orange dial, or with the blue bezel and blue dial.
  • The blue version is very beautiful and elegant, has brightness on the dial and according to how the light can become darker, almost black.
  • The Orient Mako II watch has a standby capacity of about 40 hours.
  • It has a calendar, and it indicates the day of the week at the height of the hour three and using the button located at two of them, you can configure the day of the week in which you are at that moment.
  • The machinery of this watch is quite precise and comes very tight.

Benefits of Orient Mako 2

  • Among the benefits of the Orient Mako II watch we can mention that: It is a watch that offers an excellent price/quality ratio.
  • Its design is classic and very neat.
  • It has a precise machinery and good quality adjustment.
  • It is possible to immerse it without fear in the water since the crown, and the bottom in thread provide an adequate water tightness, that is to say, it avoids the passage of the water efficiently.
  • Do not use batteries, you can use it for a long time, and it will not stop.

Orient Mako 2 Diver

Shortcomings of Orient Mako 2

  • Although the Orient Mako II has all the presence of a “diver” or watch for diving and can reach up to 200 meters, it is not a “diver” at one hundred percent. It does not have ISO quality certification, unlike other diving watches.
  • Other things that prevent being certified with ISO are: It does not have the pearl of time 12 located in the bezel.
  • The bracelet does not have the option of placing an extension for the neoprene suit.
  • It has lumen but with little intensity.
  • The bracelet may lose its fit and make it become wider over time.

Why Buy the Orient Mako 2

If you are looking for a good watch at the best price, do not hesitate to buy the Orient Mako II. This is the main reason why to buy this watch. Apart from having several features that make it stand out, for example, it can be considered a diving watch, with the ability to submerge up to 200 meters.

It brings calendar and day of the week, its size is large but not exaggerated with a diameter of about 44.5 millimeters. Its design and combination of colors make it a classic watch par excellence.

Care of your Orient Mako 2 watch

In order for your, Orient Mako II watch to always be in good condition, you must provide it with certain care: As the Orient Mako II is a mechanical watch, if you stop using it for a long time, it will stop working and stop. To get it working again, you have to give it ten times manually.

When you are underwater, you should not move the crown or the push buttons as the water would enter inside the machinery and damage its operation. Seawater, due to the salt it contains, often damages the structures of the watch.

Try to wash well with unsalted water after using it on the beach, to avoid the corrosive effect of salt and sand. You should clean your watch regularly so that its appearance looks in perfect condition, do it with a little water, soap and a brush with soft bristles to remove dust particles.


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