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Olympic National Park Backpacking: The Olympic national park, one of the most visited and explored American National Parks. The vast area of exploration makes a tourist entirely mesmerized. More than 600 miles of trails will keep one active whole the time. In the question of wilderness, one may find a million acres of wilderness for exploration.

Olympic National Park Backpacking

If you are a pro backpacker and love to explore in the real wilderness, then we recommend you to take a trip to the Olympic National Park.

Unlike other hiking spots, herein the park, you may explore a lot of natural and attractive zones here. You can enjoy – Sunset viewing, Boating, Fishing, Camping, Tide-pooling, Hiking, Wildlife Viewing, Winter Activity, Night Sky Viewing, and others.

After making sure you have permission to explore in a backcountry zone like the Olympic National Park, you need to register with the park. After completing all formalities, now follow our backpacking guidelines, which will make it a life-changing trip for you.

Olympic National Park Backpacking

As a backpacker, if you choose the Olympic park, then you have to know that in the vast area, there are a lot of spots to travel and see. So you have to pack your bag as per -how many spots you want to visit, where you want to stay, how long you will stay and also what is about the weather.

At first, we are providing you some basic and common gears list that a backpacker always carries in the backpack for any trip. Those mandatory and regular backpacking items are-

All these accessories are common and mandatory for all types of hiking and traveling. So keep all these items in your backpack first.

Now, we are giving you the backpacking guidelines as per the destination of the Olympic National Park.

Enchanted Valley

The Enchanted Valley is one of the best and mesmerizing backpacking destinations in the Olympic national park. Here you can hike over the Quinault Rainforest and also can enjoy the beautiful views of waterfalls. The awesome views of mountains will attract you.

The views of the black bear and the natural beauty of rain forests will provide you an incredible experience of a wild environment. In the Quinault River, you can enjoy boating and kayaking. From the valley to the peak of the mountain, you can enjoy the Anderson Glacier. After having permission from WIC (Wilderness Information Center), now, if you want to stay or hike over there, then you have to carry some gears.

Clothing and Footwear

Basically, most of the backpackers travel here in winter. So carry some heavy clothes-

  1. Puffy Jackets
  2. Furlong sleeve
  3. Denim Full pant
  4. Long underwear
  5. Socks
  6. Hiking Shoes
  7. Sandals

Royal Basin

To enjoy the summer in the Olympic national park, the Royal basin at the base of Mount Deception, where you will have an awesome view of glacier tarns at the upper royal basin and can also enjoy chilly & temperate weather of the spot. From the shoreline of the Royal Lake, you may start a day hike around the spot.

You can climb to the peak of the mountains if you want to have a landscape view of the total area of the Royal Basin. If you’re going to travel here between May and October, you will be needed the reservations and permission at the WIC (Wilderness Information Center).

  • Reservation and permission related documents.
  • Bear Canister
  • Try to carry dry foods
  • Water purification system.
  • Photography device
  • Climbing Accessories with enough protection

Clothing and footwear-

  1. Insulated Jacket
  2. Tee shirts
  3. Insulated or quick dry pants
  4. Three quarter
  5. Sandal
  6. Quick-dry socks
  7. Quick-dry inner wears

Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast is one of the best scenic and hiking spot for its beauty and rugged terrain. Besides enjoying the beauty of the coast, you can start a day hike over there. But for the best campsite, you will need permission. You can enjoy the awesome scene of sunset. For enjoying the coastal wilderness, you should carry some essential gears

  • Permission related documents
  • Bear canister
  • Enough Water along with food
  • Satellite phone
  • Photography device

Clothing and footwear

  1. Tee shirt
  2. Three quarter
  3. Good Hiking Shoes
  4. Quick-dry inner wears
  5. Sandals

Generally, there are a lot of spots to travel in the vast area of the Olympic National Park. Some are at the peak of the mountains; some are shoreline of lakes, some are coastal areas, some are the wild area in the forest. The Olympic National Park is not a regular backpacking destination for 1-3 days.

It is a spot of long duration traveling. So pack your backpack as per your purpose, spot, and time duration. There are most of the places where you need reservation and permission for the best campsites. Also, there are some spots where reservations are not required.

So, know about the spot very carefully and follow the guidelines. The most common gear that you have to keep in your backpack for traveling at Olympic National Park is a Bear Canister.


Now, We hope that you have at least the idea of how to start your backpacking for Olympic National Park. You can begin your tour easily now. Take permission and start backpacking. Without wasting any time, go for the awesome, adventurous, and mesmerizing experience of the most iconic and scenic touring zone, the Olympic National Park.


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