Muck Excursion Pro Mid Rubber Boot Review

Last Updated on November 26, 2018

Muck Excursion Pro Mid Rubber Boot

To show the best performance in the hunting field, you may need a pair of quality hunting boot along with other stuff. If you are looking for a best pair of hunting boots, you can consider the Muck Boot Excursion Pro as a premium option.

It can provide enough protection and support, especially on rough terrain. We know the difficulties of hunting, and it is not easy to deal with tough areas such as swamps and hills or others.

Even veterans know that the terrain is not always good for them. So, you need to train yourself to pass these areas successfully. And a quality hunting boot can help you to overcome the problem.

Besides that, if you often need to go hiking and climbing edges, then you will need good support and comfort at that time. This hunting boot ensures maximum comfort and support so that, you can make successful hiking and climbing.

So, when it is about rough hunting environment what can be better than Muck Boot Excursion Pro Mid-Height Men’s Rubber Boot.

Features of the Muck Excursion Pro Mid Rubber Boot


You will love the quality of the Muck Boot Excursion. This boot is one of the best waterproofing among all the men’s waterproof boots available in the market.

Besides the extended rubber coverage, it has a flexible 4 mm neoprene inner lining which makes it waterproof and provides comfort as well as flexibility.

This feature allows you to hunt in different fields such as river-side, puddles and, swaps. However, it is suitable for different seasons too.

Anti-microbial XpressCool Fabric Lining

Anti-microbial technology has been used in this boot to give permanent protection against microbial agents. You can wear this boots even in the high-temperature and this has been possible for using XpressCool Lining technology.

This hunting boot will perform well and gives you comfort when the temperature is between 40 °F to 95 °F. Besides that, this liner will also help to reduce the internal friction and heat.


This Muck Boot Excursion is perfect in watery terrains or the slippery fields because of its lightweight EVA outsole. Rubber pods help your feet for a good hold to the ground.

Moreover, there are back heel loop and shorter shaft that makes it easy to pull. If you are going to a slippery ground for hunting, you may wear these boots.


  • Suitable for all seasonal usage
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Attractive and well-made
  • Perfect for any hunting environment
  • Ensure optimum comfort and security to feet


  • Not suitable for people who have large calves

Final Words

Overall, the quality of Muck Boot Excursion Pro Mid boot is superior for hunting purposes. It ensures enough comfort and support to your feet and you don’t need to worry about your balance in the wet field. Besides that, it is specially built for all season.

The manufacturer can guarantee that you won’t slip even if you are traversing in the slippery ground. And this hunting boot can also be an excellent option for everyday chores besides hunting. We find this boot as a complete package of comfort what you may need. Hope, this review will help you to buy your desired boots.



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