Manticore SAS Crossbow Review

Last Updated on August 27, 2018

Do you want to buy a crossbow but don’t know which is best for you? If your answer is “yes,” then you have come to the right place. Here we are showing you Manticore  Wood Crossbow with Scope, Extra Arrows, and Rope Cocking Device. This crossbow is a short range weapon for shooting or hunting.

Manticore Wood Crossbow is perfect for those people who are just starting shooting with the crossbow. It is strong enough for deer hunting as well as big games. Wood crossbow is a recursive or traditional crossbow constructed with a simple design. It’s also easy to maintain and safe to use.

Manticore Wood Crossbow Features

Selecting the crossbow is not as difficult as rocket science. However, Crossbow is a ranged weapon, based on bow and stock. Below, we have discussed on Manticore Wood Crossbow properties –

Draw Weights

Weight is significant for selecting a hunting crossbow. The main characteristics of the crossbow draw weight. It refers to the specification that distinguishes a hunting crossbow from a target model. The  Draw weight of Manticore  Wood Crossbow is 150 lbs.

Arrow Speed

Though speed is not everything, arrow speed can be made faster by increasing the draw weight. Retained energy and the pace is determined by draw weight, power stroke, cam dynamics, bolt weight and spine.  For a fast and powerful short, you should check the size and strength of the bolts. The initial speed of fired bolt is up to 210 FPS.

Arrow Track

If your arrows do not fly like laser beams, you will never be able to hit your target.  Arrow track refers to the physical structure that makes possible to launch an arrow. Accurate delivery of indicator depends on the construction of the narrow path. Both carbon and aluminum arrows work well if the arrow track has the design with good structure.


Noise is also an essential factor in selecting a crossbow because excess noise during your hunting can destruct your prey. Noise damping devices reduce noise and vibration after the shot.

The specialist advises getting a bow with parallel limbs for noise-free hunting. Manticore wood crossbow design in recurve model has parallel limbs which gives you smooth shot.


High quality crossbows need light weight materials in the body which ensures the durability of a crossbow. Selecting a bow of metal is the best decision if you want to have a high-quality weapon.

The crossbow with plastic parts can be broken down after several uses. The limbs of Manticore 150 lbs Wood Crossbow made of high tech fiberglass and the barrel made of aluminum. It has simple recurve limbs. It is a long lasting weapon, and this Wood crossbow is easy to carry.

Cocking Device

It may damage the limbs when you cock crossbow manually in a wrong way. If you find it difficult to cock crossbow, then you can use a rope cocking device. Cocking rope ensures that you correctly cock the crossbow. By using cock rope, you can reduce the weight and can pull back up to 50%.


Manticore  Wood Crossbow Features an auto safety cocking mechanism. The safety switch will jump to safety as soon as you have pulled back the string far enough. The sound of two clicks ensures that the switch on safe.

After cocking the crossbow and by loading an arrow, you are ready to aim for shooting. Crossbows have a little recoil that helps you to shoot with accuracy even if you are a new user.

Besides these essential features, Wood Crossbow has some additional feature too. Things like scopes, cocking aids, quiver, broadheads, and box string wax help you to keep your crossbow in good condition for a long time.


  • It can shoot with excellent accuracy up to 60 yards.
  • Strongly recommended for beginners
  • Beautiful in its simplicity
  • Wooden finish is very nice.
  • Cheap crossbow
  • Powerful 150lbs crossbow
  • High-tech fiberglass limb
  • Auto-safety cocking mechanism
  • Aluminum barrel construction
  • Real wood stock
  • The initial speed of fired bolt is up to 210 FPS.
  • Long lasting.


  • No detailed instruction manual
  • Does not have dots on the site to set the distance.
  • Slower as compared with Barnett predator

Final Words

From this discussion now you are familiar with the features of the  Manticore wood crossbow and able to understand the essential functions of what to look for in a crossbow.

In short, Many people of hunting industry use a wooden crossbow. This Manticore  Wood Crossbow is an excellent choice for professionals as well as beginners. We hope, this crossbow will be your reliable hunting partner for a long period.


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