Magnum Elite Spider Boots Review

Last Updated on September 8, 2018

Magnum Elite Spider Boots

You’re in the military. The conditions you face are, to say the least, harsh. You’re constantly on the move, up mountains, running on rocky terrain, in deserts, in water.

You have seen it all, and your feet have taken a huge portion of the beating. You need boots that won’t transfer the strain and stress onto your feet.

So, the moment you look at the Magnum 8.0 Boots you know that these are what you’re feet have been waiting for. The beautiful web-like overlays to the sides are appealing.

The boots, right there in front of you, look poised. But hold on one moment. Let’s dissect these manly boots and take a look at their features in this in-depth Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8.0 Boot Review.

Vibram Slip & Oil Resistant Outsole

This little feature isn’t that little. Imagine yourself walking on rocks, wet rocks. You’re on a hike or on a tactical mission. The adrenaline is coursing through your veins.

One false step and you lose your balance, tumbling down helplessly. Now, the Magnum 8.0 Spider boots have what is called a Vibram slip and oil resistant outsole.

These offer the enhanced stability that ensures you remain firmly planted on the ground you step on, no matter the conditions. So as you move, you don’t have to worry, just focus on where you’re going and these boots will keep you steady.


These boots are surprisingly comfortable to wear. First of all, they are light weight. They weigh only 7 pounds. You can hardly tell at first glance, but the moment you put your feet in them, you know you can walk comfortably.

And certainly, a prolonged walk isn’t strenuous. Even if you’re constantly standing, the Magnum boots will carry you, ensuring your feet remain cozy.

All this is because the contoured, removable sock liner provides support for your ankles while the roomy toe box inside ensures your toes aren’t too squeezed.

It also has a well-cushioned collar and tongue that enhance support while walking. The insole cushion will mold to cradle your feet, giving you a nice relaxing feeling.


Yes, that’s right. These boots are indeed waterproof. So, whether you’re in a small puddle of water or walking across a stream, be sure that the quality of these shoes won’t be compromised and your feet will remain dry.

This amazing quality is gotten from the leather and denier nylon material that the boots are made of. The material reliably remains impervious to the water molecules for long periods of time.

Strength & Durability

These wouldn’t be tactical boots if they weren’t durable. And they are. From the sole to the upper part of the boots, every inch looks and feels rugged, capable of resisting the rough and tumble of the outdoors.

The rugged rubber outsole provides excellent traction for enhanced stability. The waterproof leather and denier nylon are resistant to harsh outdoor conditions but it still very easy to clean.

Durable composite non-metallic hardware also reinforces the boots in the build. This ensures the shoes remain sturdy but also leave them friendly to electronic security devices.

Spider Mesh Lining

This spectacular feature known as the spider mesh lining provides breathability to the shoes. Okay, simply put, your feet won’t roast in hot weather conditions.

The mesh lining provides ventilation that regulates the temperature inside and keeps your feet nice and cool throughout. This is why these boots are ideal for hot and arid climatic conditions.



  • The Spider Mesh Lining of these boots provides adequate ventilation, keeping your feet cool even in hot weather.
  • The leather and denier nylon material make the shoes waterproof.
  • The Vibram outsole is slip and oil resistant.
  • It has a composite nonmetallic hardware that enhances durability.
  • These boots are easy to clean.
  • They are light weight, ideal for long walks.
  • The shoes are comfortable to wear.


  • The Magnum Spider boots aren’t very easy to put on as they don’t have a zipper.
  • Since they are configured for hot weather conditions, they aren’t very ideal for the cold weather.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where are these boots manufactured?

A: The Magnum Boots are made in China.

Q: Are these boots ideal for hiking?

A: Yes, I have gone hiking with them on numerous occasions and they have performed well.

Q: I need to know, are the soles of the boots soft?

A: Yes, these boots have nice, soft soles that are very comfortable.

Final Words

So, the Magnum Spider boots look good, and they feel great on the feet. Wear them when going out on a hike, camping, working. However, you choose, be sure that they’ll keep your feet protected and comfortable.

The feel of the collar and tongue is cushiony and great for long periods of standing. The insole is wonderfully soft and holds your feet comfortably. The weight of the shoes is superbly light.

And most importantly these shoes are affordable. So, add them to your collection of tactical boots? If you go by this Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8.0 Boot Review, then I know you certainly will get yourself a pair.

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