Knives for Lanzar

Last Updated on July 19, 2020

Knives for Lanzar: Surely you have already realized that there are some sports or even interesting questions that can be done with a knife, as it is the fact of being able to throw them at any distance, but you also have to learn to do it correctly. For that, you will need a specific type of knife and we will tell you what it is.

If you are interested in this, you should definitely know the best knives to throw that you can buy and that are safe to practice this activity. You may not have noticed, but the fact that the element has a spin effect can cause it to hit the target in a straightway.

Knives for Lanzar

The above mentioned is something that is known as a gyroscopic effect, and this effect has been studied for a long time, although for many years a Spanish engineer came up with a knife that could be launched with the same effect.

After many tests and some tests, it was announced that there are some models of specific knives that are ideal to be able to launch, and that can hit the target.

Knives to Throw – Particular Characteristics

As the name implies, a throwing knife is designed so that these can be done efficiently. But that’s not all, they are also designed in a light way, which makes it different from other types of knives such as kitchen knives.

Around the world, you can tell how the cultures have adopted different techniques to launch them, and this is mainly done to be able to handle different types of knives like tactical knife whether they have different shapes and sizes.

It does not matter how much experience a good pitcher needs in order to hit the target, to grab the knife correctly, or even to become famous in a quick way. The important thing is that you can also throw them as the legendary pitchers do.

Just keep in mind that you should be careful when you practice this activity, and you should also select the most appropriate knife for it.

Knives to Throw – Ideal Models

Something you should keep in mind is that these elements are quiet enough because they do not make noise when launched, although the negative is that when you throw them near many people, obviously someone will notice. Below are some ideal models that you can find in the market, and which are special to be launched As for example the following:

1. Boker – Profi Ii an Ideal Model of a Throwing Knife

Knives for Lanzar

It is an ideal model that has a stainless steel handle, also has a special case made of nylon, and its total weight is 191 G. It should be noted that within its special features are the fact that it has a length of 262 mm, but also the thickness of the blade has 5.2 mm and the length of it is about 152 mm.

2. Buck Kinetic Launch Knife 073sssvp

Knives for Lanzar

It is a game that comes in 3 individual pieces, mainly characterized by the fact that the blade has a double edge. The construction of this element is in one piece, including a belt cover whose manufacturing material is black leather.

Its main features have a skeleton-type handle, the case is leather as mentioned, and its weight is approximately 199 G.

On the other hand, regarding the dimensions of this knife, the total length is 254 mm, the thickness of the blade is 4.6 mm and the length of it is 133 mm.

3. Cold Steel Shanghai Warrior Throwing Knife

Knives for Lanzar

It is an element designed mainly by the Cold Steel presidency, Lynn C. Thompson, since from the beginning it has always been fascinated by daggers that have a double edge, and that has happened over time.

In this way, you can observe how in Shanghai you can see this type of elements that are favorites by many and are used to be part of the training of those who are independent and use them to launch it practicing this sport.

It should be noted that it was Lynn who had the idea of taking the shadow of Shanghai to turn it into an element and an ideal piece such as what a knife is, in this way she was able to make this creation that is contained in a safe way and a pretty sheath versatile and also adaptable.

It should be noted that this knife has particular characteristics that allow it to be transported in any type of configuration, and among its important aspects to be mentioned is that the treatment of the blade is not reflective, types of black finish.

Its case is made with secure technology, and the grip cannot be left aside, mainly because the material with which it is manufactured in polypropylene. The knife is double-edged, and the blade has a length of 222 mm, with a thickness of 4.3 mm and a total weight of 453 g.

4. Kershaw Ion 3 Pcs 1747bw Throwing Knife

Knives for Lanzar

Something you should keep in mind is that throwing knives is a fun activity, but that does not stop being dangerous. This means that you must be quite intelligent and you must be careful when using these elements to launch them.

When practicing this activity, the knives that you have to use must be specially designed to be thrown, that is why, Kershaw, created this set of throwing knives with ions. This model is special and one of the most popular in the market mainly because they have an ideal weight and balance to be able to assign to the target.

Within its particular characteristics is the fact that its blade is double-edged, and has a spear point. These blades are manufactured of stainless steel and have a fairly high chromium content, together with a strong and safe handle.

Finally, the knives to throw are some ideal tools to be able to hit a target at a distance. However, you must learn to use them and select the best ones on the market.


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