Kids Travel Pillow Buying Guide: For Comfort and Safety

Last Updated on August 17, 2020

Resting and proper relaxation for kids is a crucial part of a long journey. A long journey by plane, train or bus involves hours of sitting. So, it becomes essential for your child to have a comfortable and well-rested journey indeed.

Again, when you travel with your kids, you may need to carry a pillow for them as they are likely to get asleep after a while on the journey.

Kids Travel Pillow Buying Guide

Travel pillows for kids are usually a small u-shaped pillow that cradles the neck to assist in sleeping during the journey. It also can help ease the pain of being stuck in a small upright seat for hours.

This compact, lightweight pillow can be folded down easily to a very small size and also a good option for the light packers. This is also the right choice for budget travelers.

There are several things to take into account when buying a kids travel pillow. In this article, we are going to discuss these things for you.

Pillow Type

Kids travel pillows come in various shapes and sizes. Again, you also need to keep an eye on their qualities also. Choosing the pillow depends on the age of your child and the type of your journey. Hence, the kid’s pillow is belonging to the following categories:

  1. Neck pillows
  2. Leg rest pillows

Neck pillows:  Neck pillow’s neck ring wrap around the neck and provides support to the head with comfort. The shapes and sizes are suit to any kid and also easy to carry.

Leg rest pillows: Leg rest pillows prevent legs from dandling and also provides leg rest at a great extent. It requires little space and too easy to carry. It can be inflatable as well.

Pillow Materials

The most popular materials for kids pillows are micro beads and memory foam. The materials of both inside and outside depending on age and size of kids. Again, the materials need to have several qualities too, such as-

  1. Machine washable
  2. Soft and comfortable
  3. Children skin suitable
  4. Lightweight
  5. Internal lining to prevent spillages of tears

Pillow Shape

The shape is also an essential factor that determines what type of support your neck gets. There are several shapes of neck pillows-

  1. U-shaped: This pillow wraps around the neck and sits on the shoulders.
  2. Tube shaped: This is a regular pillow to fall out of place while you sleep.
  3. J-shaped: Though it is shaped little bit unusual but can provide ultimate comfort and support.


Storage is a vital factor in the case of travel or journey. Kids traveling pillows are easy to store into the backpacks or suitcase and also lightweight as well. The pillows with clips can clip onto the backpack without taking any space inside.

Pillow size

Pillow size is the last but not least to consider while buying a kids pillow. Getting a bigger one in the sense of longer lasting can cause strain of your kid. Proper back posture is an important thing while the child is sitting on a car seat.

Final Words

We know your kids are very special for you. So, instead of getting bored on a long journey, a travel pillow can be a little alternative of bed for your kids. Therefore, if you don’t want your kids to get trouble while traveling, there must be a pillow with you for their proper rest and comfort.


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