KI350 High Performance Crossbow Review

Last Updated on August 27, 2018

Killer Instinct is one of the famous crossbow manufacturing companies in the current market. They have made lots of gears which have become famous in many countries.

Now, we are continuing to talk about a crossbow made by them. The model of this crossbow is KI350. This is one of the high-performing crossbows for hunting and target practicing purpose.

There are a few reasons to choose this crossbow today. In modern days, you expect a crossbow to be perfect in every sector. It has to perform well for a long time. It also should have strength and ability to perform its best all the time. KI350 is such kind of crossbow.

Ki350 will produce speedy performances along with durability. Most of the user-friendly behaviors are present in this crossbow. You will feel comfortable holding it for a long period of time.

Whenever you try to hunt down a game using this crossbow, it won’t disappoint you at all. This crossbow will come with extra accessories that you will need most of the time in hunting or target practice times.

You can expect this crossbow to play a vital role if you are able you use it properly. So, let’s have some detailed information about this awesome product.

Features of The KI350 High Performance Crossbow

Accessories Come With the Crossbow

You will get almost everything you need with this crossbow. It gives you a package that has many important gears. This KI350 PRO package is very useful indeed. This PRO package includes KillerTech bolts.

These three bolts are capable of striking your target effectively. You will find string suppressors inside this package. A quiver will be found too. There will be a stick which is actually useful rail lube.

There is a rope cocker to help you. And the most useful accessory in this package is the illuminated scope. It is one of the finest scopes in the market you will ever find.

It has multiple brightness setting. The lens of this scope is multi-coated. This is why you will get brighter and clearer images all the time. This scope features red or green rheostat illumination which is quite effective.


Structure always makes sure that a crossbow performs well and provides features as many as possible. The product we are talking about today has an excellent structure.

This product is light. It also has a good shape. This crossbow has a black tactical paint scheme which makes it look good. CNC enhanced flight barrel is integrated here.

It makes this weapon more powerful and effective. The trigger pull of this product is only 3.5 pounds. With a high-quality scope on the top for providing quality images, this crossbow is a phenomenon one.

Shooting Speed

You can expect a crossbow to produce more than 300 fps speed if the product is large and built with strong and heavy metal. But can you expect 350 fps speed form crossbow weights around 6.5 lbs?

The crossbow today we are showing made this possible. This weapon can produce this much speed rapidly for a very long time. It makes this weapon stronger and dangerous for your target.


  • Light weighted weapon and can be carried easily.
  • Shooting speed of this crossbow is 350 fps. The crossbow can consistently produce this much speed.
  • 175 lb is the draw weight.
  • The black tactical paint scheme is used to paint the crossbow.


  • The string life is short. You might have to replace it.

Final Words

You can consider this KI350 as one of the best without any hesitation. You can strike your target very badly. You can even use this weapon for target practicing too. But whatever you do, just be careful while using this product.

A little mistake can cause trouble to other people around you. Don’t give this speedy weapon to any child. It can cause harm too. So, always use this product cautiously and it will bring you the best result.


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