Kayaking With Southern Right Whales in Peninsula Valdes

Last Updated on September 15, 2020

Humedales de Peninsula Valdes, also known as Valdes Peninsula, is located in northeast Chubut Province, Argentina. It was declared as one of the World Heritage Sites in the year 1999 by UNESCO. Its area is about 890,000 acres. It is renowned for its outstanding pristine landscape and mesmerizing wildlife. It harbors all kinds of wildlife from big to small and marine to dry land.

Kayaking With Southern Right Whales in Peninsula Valdes

Marine Wildlife of Peninsula Valdes

More than anything else, Peninsula Valdes has some fascinating marine wildlife. The view of sea lions, penguins, elephant seals, orcas, southern right whales, walruses roaming around lazily, spy-hopping, or resting on the shore is once in a lifetime experience to see. So, Peninsula Valdes is an exceptional spot for indulging in kayaking or other water activities and sports.

Best time to visitPeninsula Valdes

To observe the beautiful view and roam around the Peninsula Valdes, every month of the year is perfect. Starting from January to December, all over the year the marine wildlife are present there to see and experience by the visitors. Marine wildlife is the biggest attraction of Peninsula Valdes.

The temperature remains pretty high all around the year, especially from January to March. Also, if you visit Peninsula Valdes in between January to June, there will be almost zero chances of seeing southern right whales.  Southern Right whales are mostly seen in the second half of the year (from July to December) than the first half of the year.

Best time to Kayak with southern right whales

If you are interested in seeing all types of marine wildlife, then October to December is the best time to visit Peninsula Valdes. Kayakers from all over the world show a particular interest in kayaking in Peninsula Valdes with the southern right whales. For that October is the best period.

You do not have to kayak to see the southern right whales, and they can be seen from the shore as well. However, there is hardly anything more adventurous and fun than kayaking with the southern right whales all alone in the sea.

Southern Right Whales

So, what is so special about the southern right whales! The warm water of the peninsula makes it the largest breeding ground for southern right whales. Peninsula Valdes is the protected area for them to breed, mate, and give birth. The giant sea creature was named as southern right whales due to it being the perfect whale for catching compared to other similar species.

It moves slowly even after being attacked and does not sink, and float on the water when dead. Therefore, it is easy to capture. However, these are not allowed to hunt. As they are almost endangered species, so the beauty of this mellow giant creature must win the visitor’s heart.

Experience of Kayaking in Peninsula Valdes

While kayaking in Peninsula Valdes, it is pretty common to see southern right whales spy hopping, breaching or playing with one another. Kayaking is the best way to explore the peninsula and see the southern right whales in all their glory.

As the crowd in a kayak is less than a boat,  so you can enjoy the view, marine wildlife, and kayaking all by yourself or the person with whom you are comfortable indeed. Kayaking allows you to visit the remote corners of the coast, which you will be hardly able to access in a boat with a group of people.

However, unless you are a pro in kayaking do not attempt to get on the sea alone. If you are not skilled at kayaking, then it is essential to remain under strict supervision. Even if you are the most experienced, it is always better to stay safe by following the guide’s instructions.

Safe trip

Nowadays, it’s common to book a trip to Peninsula Valdes, and the trip package includes every possible thing a kayaker will want to do and see there. So, skilled or beginner, if you know kayaking, then you must opt for such trips to enjoy the place and its creature to the fullest.

You will be able to spend the whole day kayaking and spending time with marine wildlife and viewing southern right whales. And at the end of the day, you will enjoy the sunset and camp out under the stars at night. Worrying about food will not even be an issue as you will get all kinds of delicious food in such trips.

Final Words

So, now you know what you need to do on your next vacation. However, remember, though the southern right whales are now at a safe number, yet they were endangered just a few years ago. To maintain the beauty of Peninsula Valdes, its most attractive possession must be secured.

Otherwise, it will be a significant loss for the world as well as the kayaker, snorkelers, and other tourists who come to visit just for seeing southern right whales. So, whenever we visit, we must do our parts to protect the beauty and marine wildlife of Peninsula Valdes.


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