Kayaking in Antarctica

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Kayaking in polar-regions is tough as these are the roughest of the environments. The challenges a kayaker faces in these regions are like no other. Antarctica is one such polar region. The beauty of Antarctica is unimaginable unless it is seen and unexplainable until it’s visited.

The view of towering icebergs of Antarctica is breathtakingly beautiful, especially when you are fortunate enough to step up on a kayak and paddle it all around the pristine waters of Antartica. The experience you gather is precious and heartfelt.

Kayaking in Antarctica

Kayaking in a place like Antarctica is once in a lifetime experience. The landscape and clear water make the kayaking experience enjoyable and fascinating. It can’t be understood by just hearing from others. Its an activity worth experiencing.


Kayaking is very popular in Antarctica, and it is possibly the best outdoor activity for the visitors there. It is undisturbed and free from any human activity. It is an unspoiled and tranquil area with the presence of very few people around. It is an apt place for spending time alone.

People who love kayaking and want to take a break from day to day life can try this place at least once. It takes a person close to nature and the lives around it. A kayaker can enjoy sightseeing and watch the animals from a close distance without disturbing them. Last but not least is the icebergs. There are no other places where we can see and enjoy such a view of ices all around.


Now you cannot just visit and start kayaking in such a unique place like Antarctica. Because the fact is one can be a skilled kayaker, but the experience of kayaking in Antarctica is a different ball game altogether.

It can be gained only by kayaking in Antarctica as the climate is different, and the nature of the water is unusual as well. There is hardly any place similar to it, so you have to train yourself to paddle your kayak on the pristine water.

You will have to have a little experience in kayaking before starting the training to ensure safety. You also will have to have all the gear and equipment to start kayaking. There are a few courses available for learning kayaking.

There are a few organizations as well who organize kayaking for the visitors who are interested in kayaking. Keep it in mind that it is a risky journey, so attentiveness is the key to be safe. It is compulsory to know and follow the rules.

Kayaking among the ices

Antarctica is a polar region. The main characteristic of such regions is the unpredictable ice. The ices are continually changing their shape and form. They are moving, melting, refreezing, floating, and breaking.

The water remains calm most of the time. The waves are not high, and if it is, then it’s forbidden to kayak in such weather conditions. The summer season is the best time to kayak in Antarctica. The choice is yours whether you want to enjoy big icebergs or enjoy seeing different animals, especially whales while kayaking.

Both can’t be done at the same time as at the beginning of the restricted period of October to March, icebergs are seen at a large number, and at the end of the season one can see the whales while kayaking.

Taking a trip

As we mentioned earlier, you cannot go for kayaking all alone. So, kayaking in Antarctica is organized, forming a group. The group has 10-15 people in it. The kayaking lasts for a couple of hours. The kayaker kayaks all alone, but the guide always remains at a distance to ensure safety and avoid casualties.

Keeping a fare distance from the towering icebergs is a must. It is a rule to move slow while kayaking. Moreover, it is not a kayak competition that a kayaker remains in a hurry. It is enjoying the view and nature around, so the more the kayak moves slow, the more one can enjoy the view to its full capacity.

What to take?

The organization that is organizing the excursion provides gear and equipment. They will provide kayak, paddle, boots, lifejackets, gloves depending on the choice of the kayaker and what suits them the best. Hat, sunglasses, sunscreens are the things which the kayaker must have with them for comfortable kayaking.

Affordable or pricey?

Kayaking in Antarctica is not an affordable activity. It is costly. However, those who can afford a trip to Antarctica and have experienced kayaking will hardly regret it because it is worth every penny spend on it.

Take a trip to Antarctica for kayaking only if you are too passionate about the visit. Train yourself before the kayaking in Antarctica. It is a whole different experience for anyone as if we are entering a new world where everything looks pure and pristine. Ensure to have safe kayaking, and that is possible only if you follow the rules. If you are undaunted and can afford then try this for sure.


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