Kayaking Expedition to Espiritu Santo Island, Mexico

Last Updated on September 8, 2020

Espiritu Santo is a beautiful island locating at the Gulf of California in Mexico. It is an ideal place for kayaking with families and other vacation activities. The western portion of the island is engraved by long coves making the area safe for a kayaking tour.

You will love the journey of paddling in waters containing sea lions, turtles, parrotfish, dolphins, and other sea creatures. The eye-catching scenery and mesmerizing beauty will blow your mind.

Kayaking Expedition to Espiritu Santo Island

First of all, decide when to go to the island. You should consider the weather condition, kayaking facilities, and accommodation availability, etc. May is not a suitable month for kayaking at all.

Besides, May to September is usually the rainy season in Mexico, so try to avoid the trip in these months. Always book a resort before arriving on the island because, in tourist season, it is tough to find suitable accommodation.

Now its time to packing. The complete checklist is given below:

Traveling gears:

  • Passport
  • Photocopy of tickets, passports, etc
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Money

Kayaking and camping gears:

Personal equipment:

  • Mobile and charger
  • Camera
  • Books and guitar
  • Clothes based on weather condition
  • Swimming suit
  • Footwear
  • Sun protection such as hats, sunscreen, etc
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, etc
  • Toilet kits

 Safety equipment:

It is a great idea to plan activities before going on a trip; otherwise, you may miss something. So reserve each vacation day for specific events. Make a routine and follow it until your departure. If you only want to enjoy kayaking,3 to four days will be enough for you.

But if you have the plan to explore the areas more or visit the isolated and sandy beaches, seven to ten days will be the best for you. As soon as you reach the island, join your tour guides. Contact them for making kayaking schedule based on your interest, vacation time, and weather.

When you are going for kayaking, bring all kayaking and camping gears along with safety gears. Wear weather-friendly clothes and contain extra garments in your kayak. As the temperature can suddenly drop in the evening, bring some warm clothes too.

The weather of Espiritu Santo is so dry and hot, so don’t forget to apply sunscreen and carry hats. Borrow head torches and extra lights in case you have to paddle at night. Besides, you have to face a lot of mosquitos at night, so bring the mosquito repellent.

You can install a kayaking app on your phone. It will give you weather forecasts, wind speed and the locations of restaurants along with the kayaking tour. They also show the path of going from start point to a destination as well as track your current location.

Sea kayaking is way different than regular kayaking as you have to face stronger wind and waves. So sea kayaks are mandatory for a steer and comfortable journey in seawater. Always prefer heavy boats over cheap plastic canoes as they can prevent flipping more.

Bring double seat kayaks for your children and always put them in the front seat to keep an eye on them. Though 6-8 years old kids can paddle in calm waters, don’t let them paddle solo in rough water. Before starting your journey, wear your floating device.

We strongly recommend practicing kayaking before your final ride. If you have not tried kayaking before, you are not fit for kayaking tour at all. Practice paddling techniques and tricks under the supervision of a professional instructor.

Learn safety tips and rescue movements if you lose your track or get trapped between rocks or accidentally fall on the water. Teach your children too, even if they won’t do the paddling.

Make a journey together with your family members. But maintain a sufficient distance from each other for ease and comfort. Contact the restaurant services and resort manager for confirming the availability of their services of your destination. You can make the kayaking journey more exciting by fishing and swimming. If you have a plan to do these, bring fishing kits and swimsuits.

Final Words

Try to visit the most popular areas and other recommended areas suggested by your guide and other visitors. If you have more time, explore the other areas of the Sea of Cortez. The multi-color mountains, swimming sea-creatures, and the colorful water will give you a taste of paradise.

Once you go in a kayaking expedition to Espiritu Santo island, you will not notice how the time will pass very fast. So, if you want to arrange a kayaking journey, go to Espiritu Santo for an excellent and remarkable experience.


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