Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Review

Last Updated on September 14, 2018

Ka-Bar Becker BK2

Whether you are a camper or a hunter; a wilderness enthusiast or a hiker, this knife will definitely be the most valuable tool for your outing. If you ask, the BK-2 is an absolute steal given how versatile it is and the price that it comes with.

Needless to say, a knife is one of the most important tools you can bring along if you are out into the wild; from slicing wood to cutting fruits, from making a fire to cracking open nuts, this knife can be used for a variety of purposes.

Moreover, it comes with a nice Kydex sheath that firmly positions the knife which can then be strapped on the waist or wherever convenient.


The overall 10.5-inch knife includes a 5.25-inch blade (made of high carbon steel) and weighs a massive 16 ounces. Moreover, the blade measures a quarter inch in thickness which makes it one of the heavyweight knives out there. With the dimensions mentioned, there is no doubt that it is great with splitting, cutting, and chopping.

From my experience, you can split logs of 4-inch radius effortlessly; even when preparing food in one of my camp outings, you can seamlessly chunk up large frozen lobsters, and carve out shavings of wood for a campfire. The choil near the blade also comes off handy to strike a fire steel to create sparks for a fire.


The sheath has a Kydex covering, giving the knife all the protection it needs. Although it comes with a nylon strap to attach it to your belt, what sets this sheath apart is that it consists of several slots and rivet holes on it which you can use along with tek-loks/molle locks/paracords, to strap the sheath wherever convenient.

While using the sheath, it might get uncomfortable if you attach it to your waist because of it bobbing on to your leg, and this is where the extra slots can come in handy.

The piece also comes with a drain hole drilled in to let water flow out in case of wet weathers. Moreover, as the sheath lies flat and most of it is made out of plastic, you do not have to worry about piercing the sheath with your knife accidentally.


The BK-2 boasts a lightweight plastic handle on top of its full-tang knife. Ethan Baker, the designer of the knife, has put in a lot of time and effort perfecting the handle so that it comfortably rests on the user’s hands.

Moreover, as there is no rough texture on the handle, there is less chance of getting blisters on your hands; although one can easily wrap the handle with athletic tape for a better grip.

The guards on the front and rear help keep your hand from sliding off while doing some heavy duty work. In addition, the rigid pommel is strong enough to crack open nuts and to grind stones.


  • Thick blade-great for batoning, slicing, chopping
  • Full-tang knife, making it more rigid and durable
  • Very versatile in its use, even the tip is tough enough for piercing
  • The sheath can be attached wherever convenient
  • Lightweight and brilliant design on the handle
  • Puts very little pressure on the hand
  • Very tough pommel on the handle


  • Blade not made of stainless steel, but can avoid rust if lubricants used regularly
  • Less grip on the handle, but can be customized
  • Heavy, but portable and comfortable to carry

Final Words

All in all, the BK-2 is a great value for money given how versatile it is. Another thing definitely worth mentioning is the effort put in by its designer to perfect the dimensions of the knife so that it is simple, and easy on the hand.

The thick blade, the dynamic sheath, and the lightweight handle, all contribute to the reputation the BK-2 has gained over the years; it’s the details that were so beautifully taken care of that sets this knife apart in the market. So if you are a wilderness enthusiast, a camper, or a hunter, this knife is definitely worth giving a try.



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