J5 Tactical V1 PRO Flashlight Review

Last Updated on September 24, 2020

J5 Tactical V1 PRO Flashlight Review


Getting yourself a flashlight should be among you top priorities now. Activities like hunting, camping and even some jobs demand that you have a flashlight.  The J5 Tactical range has already made it possible to acquire a flashlight. 

J5 Tactical V1-PRO 300 Lumen Ultra Bright Flashlight is the latest release and is specially designed to provide you utmost convenience.

It is even way better than others out there, and its domination in the market is explicit. So many people are opting for this flashlight simply because it serves them to their satisfaction. You will definitely adore the integration of features that this flashlight.

Features of J5 Tactical V1 PRO Flashlight

Small Intensely Super-Charged LED Flashlight

Any person in search of a flashlight will certainly consider the brightness of the light it can produce. This unique j5 tactical v1 pro flashlight comes with a LED flashlight that is more than any person would want.

The intensely super-charged LED flashlight produces a super bright light that lights up to 183 meters on a clear night.

This is a benefit for hunters to aid them in low-light target identification and campers who need maximum visibility during the night out.

J5 Tactical V1 PRO Flashlight ReviewDifferent Modes of Use

What more would you want than a flashlight that is intelligent? Of course, this is a feature in the flashlight.

For those who require light of high intensity like rescue workers on rescue missions, you can simply switch to high.

For normal use, you can switch to low. For cyclists, strobe mode caters for you. This ensures the flashlight can serve you according to your particular needs.

You will get this feature on most of the fenix torches as well.

Adjustable Focus Range

Another very important feature that this flashlight comes with is an adjustable focus range. Any person who knows the importance of flashlights can admit that this is a very crucial feature.

It is very easy for you to adjust the light beam to focus on an area that needs more attention for maximum visibility. You can comfortably do this without affecting the intensity or brightness of the light beam.

J5 Tactical V1 PRO Flashlight ReviewPowered by A Single AA Battery

If you had the perception that this flashlight uses the largest of batteries, then you are in for a surprise.

To achieve all the excellent results mentioned, the J5 Tactical V1 PRO flashlight uses a single AA battery.

This makes it very economical since with the single battery the flashlight gives you hours of use.

With normal daily use, the flashlight will serve you for weeks. For those who prefer rechargeable batteries, it accommodates a 14500 rechargeable.

Compact Tactical Design

For a hunter or a camper, this is a unique feature that will drive you into purchasing the flashlight. The flashlight has a clip for convenience in carrying.

It also has an aircraft grade casing that renders it water and shock resistant. By aircraft grade, it means that it is the super high-grade aluminum alloy.



  • It has a clip to aid in carrying hence making it very portable.
  • The aircraft grade casing renders it waterproof.
  • The compact tactical design makes the flashlight shock resistant.
  • The J5 tactical V1 PRO flashlight is economical in that it is powered by a single AA battery which is cheap to purchase.
  • It is extremely durable, especially with good maintenance.


  • The light beam is extremely bright and has a blinding effect if one accidentally looks into it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How far does the flashlight shine?

A: It shines well to 300-600 feet depending on weather conditions.

Q: Do they consume the AA batteries quickly?

A: In my experience, since I put new batteries and used them for a day, they seem just fine. The batteries are also cheap, in normal daily use, they take three weeks.

Q: What is the weight of the flashlight?

A: The weight as indicated in the package is 3 ounces.

Final Word

You should be in a rush to procure your own J5 Tactical V1 PRO Flashlight. This is because the benefits of having this all-time release in the world of flashlights are incredibly amazing.

The flashlight is one of a kind for its size and cost. The best part is that you can buy this flashlight at a discounted price now. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can get a replacement.

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