iRobot Roomba 630 Review

Vacuum cleaning bots are perfect for people wanting a hands free cleaning solution for their home. Though these cleaners are limited in their functionality, still they manage to do a decent job. These are not for people who need thorough cleaning of each and every aspect of their home.

People needing precision jobs such as keeping clean their floors or wanting to remove pet hairs thrown around the house can rely on these robots since these acts unattended and do not require the investment of time and attention.

With many different brands out in the market, iRobot has been manufacturing robots for decades for various purpose and their latest additions to the line of cleaning robots are brilliant.

In this iRobot Roomba 630 review, the features of the robots are displayed in details so that one can decide before investment.


Smart Cleaning

While using of robots for human purposes, smartness is of immense importance. When it comes to cleaning, the Roomba 630 is smarter than its competitions.

In a normal household, different floor types require different cleaning procedures and Roomba 630 does an excellent job in this department.

It is fully compatible with almost all types of flooring such as hardwood, laminates, ceramic etc. and also compatible with carpet and rug cleaning activities.

Not only that, but most people using vacuum cleaners know that carpets and floors are cleaned with the different procedure and so does Roomba. It can automatically change its mode from carpet cleaning to hard floor cleaning while it is moving on.

Efficient pet hair removal

Roomba 630 can clean pet hairs with ease. This is one of the selling points of this bot. With long and even short-haired pets, cleaning the shed hairs soon becomes a problem since one has to continuously perform the cleaning activities to keep their abode in top shape.

This robot not only cleans but since it is equipped with dirt away technology, it can actually detect dirt and debris and rushes to the rescue.

It has long side bristles to clean along the wall and edges where pet hairs accumulate the most and the counter-rotating brushes draws the hairs in to be sucked by the AeroVac vacuum.


Roomba is equipped with quite a lot of sensors and this is what enhances the capability of the bot vacuum cleaner. Here few of them deserve mention as they are directly related to the performance of the robot.

  1. Cliff Detection Sensors: They detect any falls i.e. any place that is lower than the robots current location. This helps the robot from falling down stairways and other heights. The Roomba 630 can thus steer clear of these with ease.
  2. Virtual Limitations: With virtual walls, one can control the working area of their Roomba 630. Also one can use a lighthouse which is intended to keep the robot working in a specified radius. This makes cleaning duties easy and enhances precision.
  3. Dirt detection: The dirt detection technology applies acoustic sensors which help Roomba 630 in the detection of dirty places.
  4. Wall following technology: Makes Roomba follow and clean along the joints between walls and floors, one of the places where more dirt seems to gather.
  5. Charging dock detection: Helps Roomba to find its charging dock with ease when it is running low on power, given the fact that the charging dock is located in the same room as Roomba 630 is.


The attractive factor while using this robot instead of a vacuum cleaner is: it doesn’t need quite a lot of accessories. The attachments that are fitted with it are enough to take care of the cleaning procedures for which the Roomba 630 is intended for.

The accessories supplied as tools are actually for the maintenance of the robot. The supplied accessories are a virtual wall and a flat brush cleaning tool.

Also if wear and tear are noticed in the serviceable parts of the Roomba like main brushes and side brushes, one can find spares easily since there are plenty available on the market.


iRobot Roomba 630 can be scheduled for 7 times in a week. Also, if needed, Roomba 630 can also carry out a cleaning duty by press of a button directly located above.

This does not interfere with the scheduling since it is taken care of an independent algorithm which is different than the scheduling algorithm.

This means one can operate Roomba manually for as many times a day as needed and also set it for once a day cleaning activity which is unattended, throughout a week.


  • Easily takes care of almost all cleaning duties involved when it comes to floor cleaning.
  • Ability to take care of pet hairs is specially enhanced in this robot.
  • Can detect dirt and avoid falls.
  • Can be scheduled and also can be manually made to clean when required by the press of a button.
  • Maintenance is easy and does not involve continuous investments.


  • The Roomba 630 misses a remote control which may give it some ease of use.
  • It skips cleaning of dark colored carpets and floor areas.
  • It sometimes can get stuck under low clearance furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the Roomba 630 have mopping function?

A: No, it is strictly a dry vacuum cleaner and if it happens to encounter liquids, it will just smear it around.

Q: What maintenance does it need?

A: It needs dust can emptying when it’s full. It needs to get recharged. It needs a time to time check on serviceable parts (brushes) since pet hairs can get stuck.

Q: What is the height of the robot?

A: The height of the robot is 3 inches. If the clearance of furniture in a room is above that and it is completely horizontal to the floor, Roomba will not get stuck.

Final Words

The iRobot Roomba 630 review above has stated its advantages and flaws which can help one decide rationally. Though within the price range this device is available, it is really hard to even find a competitor for this device given the features that are installed.

Users of this robot are exceptionally happy with everything that it offers. With advanced software and hardware, this robot offers some functionality which is only seen in higher budget cleaning robots only.

If one is searching for a good vacuum cleaning robot within budget, Roomba 630 can be a great selection.


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