iRobot Roomba 595 Review

Last Updated on April 23, 2018


Vacuum cleaners save time, money and effort in cleaning duties by leaps and bounds. But, if anybody is looking for a true “almost hands-free” solution to cleaning problems, a robotic vacuum cleaner helps out a lot. With various brands available in the market, iRobot is a preference of many.

iRobots entry line device Roomba 595 raises the bar in automated cleaning solutions by offering top of the line technologies packed into a compact device.

The iRobot Roomba 595 Pet Vacuum Cleaning Robot Review mentioned below highlights the features and abilities of the budget robotic vacuum cleaner and also the limitations for the same.


Efficient cleaning

The Roomba 595 pet cleaner robot is very efficient when it comes to cleaning activities. The three-stage cleaning system makes sure that it gets rid of all the dust and debris. It has side bristles which take care of cleaning on the edges of the floor, along with the walls.

The rotating brushes underneath make sure that the pet hairs/fibers, dirt etc. is thoroughly removed from the surface while the powerful suction capacity draws in the loose dirt and dust particles into its dirt chamber, leaving the surface clean.

How well it performs on various surfaces

To most people, having an automated system is not enough and they demand more cleanliness, which is justified. The Roomba 595 does a great job of cleaning a wide variety of floor surfaces.

Be its hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, laminates and others, room a proves to be very efficient. When it comes to cleaning carpets and rugs, Roomba delivers more than estimated results.

It can change its mode to carpet cleaning when it encounters such surfaces. It is a bit slower when cleaning carpets, but obtains a deep cleaning, with pet hair and dirt removal. Only carpets that are dark in colors are avoided.

Covers every floor area

The iAdapt technology inbuilt in Roomba 595 is made up of a collection of software and sensors. It gains the device, the ability to scan every inch of a floor efficiently. The Roomba when left alone in a room covers the whole area multiple times.

It can be contained in one room with the application of virtual walls which comes with the product and can also be bought separately if more is needed. With “drop-off” detection, the Roomba can detect staircases and low grounds, hence preventing the device from falling.


One of the most important factors people need unattended cleaning is the ability to clean a pre-determined area when nobody is present. For example when going on vacation or leaving the home unattended for an extended time and yet needing to perform cleaning duties.

The Roomba can be easily set to be scheduled 7 times in a single week, giving it the ability to keep the house clean of dirt when nobody is there. This feature is brilliant for people who need their house to be cleaned regularly, being absent.

Automated recharging

To some users, forgetting to recharge their robot is a common occurrence. iRobot took care of the problem efficiently by installing a smart detection algorithm inside the robot that makes it find the charging base by itself.

This works in situations when the robot is cleaning a room area where the charging base already is. But, in case it is cleaning another room while the charging base is in the next room, the robot will go on performing the duties until it runs out of power.


  • The cleaning technology is efficient for small cleaning duties and performance is up to the mark.
  • It can self-charge when running out of power.
  • Maintenance is easy, hassle free and almost with no cost involved.
  • Can be scheduled easily 7 times a week.


  • It cannot perform cleaning over dark colored carpets/rugs/floor areas.
  • It is limited to cleaning floor surfaces only.
  • The edge cleaning bristles are hard and may leave scratch marks on soft furniture (wood) edges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How is standard Roomba different from “pet cleaner” Roomba?

A: In “pet cleaner” Roomba, the bristles are harder than standard Roomba.

Q: Does the package include charging base?

A: Yes, the charging base is included in the package.

Q: Why it fails to clean dark brown carpets?

A: The dark colors trigger the “drop-off” algorithm which makes the robot think that it is nearing a cliff and thus it does not clean that area.

Final Words

iRobot Roomba 595 Pet Vacuum Cleaning Robot Review mentioned has its pros and cons displayed efficiently. Like every device in the market, having a set of cons is natural since no device can be termed as perfect.

Though the list of cons for Roomba 595 can be overlooked in some personal situations, it is always a user’s call to make.

From the standpoint of rating a robotic vacuum cleaner, Roomba 595 performs well when it comes to small cleaning duties such as efficient cleaning of pet hairs, etc. It is something to consider if someone is looking for a budget robotic vacuum cleaner.


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