Irish Setter Wingshooter 808 Review

Last Updated on September 12, 2018

Irish Setter Wingshooter 808

When it comes to hunting, a pair of hunting boots is essential for hunters who need to be tough enough to support you on an upland terrain.

A quality upland hunting boot should also be comfortable to ensure that your dogs are not barking and even strong enough to last a few hunting session.

The Irish Setter Wingshotter Upland hunting boot is regarded as one of the best hunting boot among the hunting boot. It is a good looking boot which comes with protective and comfortable features that makes you enable to conquer challenging hunting terrains.

Irish upland boot is very light and comfortable to wear. This upland boot boasts the quality, tradition and durability. It also keeps the feet warm and dry.

This Irish Setter, upland hunting boot, is specially designed for bird hunting. It has a great and sturdy construction that combines durable full-grain waterproof leather upper and rugged sole.

Its moisture-wicking nylon and 100% waterproof ultra-dry technology keeps your feet dry and comfortable season after season. It suits all occasions, weather and types of the hunter.

Features of the Irish Setter Wingshooter 808


The quality of materials determines the overall performance of a boot. Iris Setter upland boot is made of long-lasting, comfortable and light materials.

The construction achieves strength and stability through waterproof leather upper with Goodyear welt construction. Removable PUfootbeds provide cushioning and stable support all the hunt long.

Its moisture-wicking nylon linings and 100% waterproof ultra-dry technology keep the feet dry and comfortable. The white prairie sole delivers sure footing in any conditions.


While going to marshy land, it is obvious that you have to go for a walk in the damp area. So to keep your foot dry, your hunting boot has to be waterproof. Irish Upland boot features an UltraDry membrane which ensures 100% waterproof protection.


To walk with comfort size matters. It’s usual that you don’t walk with the small or big boot. Irish wingshooter boot is a perfect fit for any size. So you can choose any of the sizes that you prefer. Its height is 9 inch.

Sole and Lacing

Sole of the boot is an important thing that needs to consider while choosing the boot. Sole both the inside and outside makes your walk flexible and provides arch support. Irish upland boot has an iconic white rubber sole and removable PU footbeds.


  • 100% Waterproof UltraDry technology.
  • Removable PU footbeds
  • Famous white prairie sole.
  • Goodyear welt stitch construction
  • Provide underfoot cushioning and excellent traction.


  • Lace eyelets pull away from leather after some use.
  • Sole materials become pretty stiff in super cold temperature.

Final Words

Irish Setter Wingshooter upland is one the most durable hunting boots on the market. This boot is available in many sizes including extra wide. It designed with full grain leather uppers which is comfortable to use and last a long.

This boot maintains the legacy of solid functional boots that there is no doubt in the longevity of this boot. Its rubber sole helps to stick feet at the place where you keep your footsteps.

To take care of this boot, you can use leather cleaner for longevity. This boot is perfect for an entire day hunting adventure. Bird hunters use this boot for hunting as they require to go challenging and difficult terrains.

Irish setter wingshooter is the best choice for professional deer and bird hunters. There is no way to go hunting without it.

So, investing money on this boot brings a wide range of benefits. This stylish boot will change your hunting boot experience with its comfort and longevity.



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