Invicta 3045 Grand Diver Review

Last Updated on July 16, 2020

The watch company Invicta was founded in 1837 by Raphael Picard in Switzerland, with the aim of dying Swiss watches at the best prices. For more than a hundred years, this small but diligent company was commissioned to create watches of manual and automatic machinery, with a unique design and construction; however, this entrepreneurial idea left the scene for the decade of the 70s when the invasion of quartz arose.

For the year 1991, younger members of the Invicta group family restored this firm but following the principles of its founder. Invicta has been able to offer the best quality level of manufactured watches, something that distinguishes it from other brands.

Direct from one of his workshops we find the Invicta 3045 Grand Diver, a watch that deserves to be known by all, even more, if you are one of those who collects these instruments to measure time and immerse themselves in the depths of the ocean.

Characteristics of the Invicta 3045 Grand Diver

The Invicta collection called Grand Diver is based on the Pro Diver collection, a very successful and respected series of men’s watches. The Invicta 3045 Grand Diver is a watch for men that, as the name implies, is of the submersible type and has a lovely and elegant classic design. You can observe several essential features of this remarkable watch.

Size, Weight, and Material of the Invicta 3045 Grand Diver

This Invicta 3045 Grand Diver watch is classified among the extra – large watches and has great size. It has a circular shape, and its box reaches a diameter of 47 millimeters, with a thickness of 14 millimeters and a width of the belt of 20 millimeters. It weighs more or less 200 grams; it can be said that it is something heavy.

The material of the box and the bracelet is made of silver-colored stainless steel; the bezel is also silver and of the same material. The glass of the sphere is of the Hardlex type, a mineral crystal that after specific hardening procedures can resist scratches and scratches, consists of a mixture of silicon and barium. These mineral crystals do not have the hardness of the sapphire but if they are strong enough to be part of a diver watch.

Specifications of the Invicta 3045 Grand Diver

The model Invicta 3045 Grand Diver, is an extra-large, silver-colored clock with a stunning blue mother-of-pearl dial, which is observed with different reflections as the light strikes, this detail stands out from the whole design.

Here we discuss the specifications of this fabulous diving watch

  • It is an analog clock, that is, it has hands to indicate the hours, minutes and seconds. The needles are elegant and arrow-shaped.
  • It has a unidirectional stainless steel bezel. It is resistant, entirely accurate and clicks very well (120 clicks). For those who are not very expert in this subject, the bezel in a diving watch is used to measure time lapses, of the great need for those who must know how long they have been in the water.
  • The hour hand indicators show luminescence.
  • Its operating mechanism is automatic (Seiko NH35A). This watch has a very particular look; you can see the operation of the machine through a window located on the back of the dial, really an experience.
  • With the presence of 24 jewels, these are 24 pieces made of synthetic ruby that are used as shafts for the watch gears. Thanks to the hardness of this material the watch can work properly without wear.
  • Operates at 21,600 beats per hour.
  • The watch can be submerged in water up to 300 m.
  • There is a window for the date at the 3 o’clock position, and a magnifying glass is provided.
  • It has a series of details in the design of this watch: one is the logo of the diving helmet on the lower half of the dial and the tabs; the logo of Invicta on the dial (a kind of bird flying) and finally on one side of the watch case has engraved the words “Grand Diver” which is the name of the model and on the other side is engraved the “Invicta” brand.
  • The bracelet made of stainless steel has solid links well made and the bridge that joins the two halves of it are milled pieces.


Pros of the Invicta 3045 Grand Diver

When you analyze the characteristics of the Invicta 3045 Grand Diver watch, there is no doubt that you will find a high-quality watch, it is a diving watch par excellence, it stands out for its size, design, properties, style and specific characteristics that distinguish it.

It has an inherent masculine appeal and thanks to its curved lines; you can carry it without getting caught in clothes. Despite its size, it can be used daily with office clothes.

Its automatic movement of Japanese origin provides guaranteed precision and operation; you will not have to go to change the batteries every time they are spent because they do not have batteries.

Cons of the Invicta 3045 Grand Diver

To be cataloged as “Grand Diver” it does not make sense that it does not have an extension closure to place it in the diving suit, even when it lasts up to 300 meters deep. Some criticize the large size of the box and that the steel does not seem to be treated with carbon so that it has more resistance.

In general terms these are the most important cons, the rest can be considered a great watch at a good price.

Final Words

If you like diving occasionally or if these submersible watches and the size of them attract your attention, you can be satisfied with the characteristics that distinguish this piece of Invicta watch making.

With a manly design, a stunning mother-of-pearl blue dial, the ability to submerge up to 300 meters underwater, a precise machine and design quality, do not hesitate to choose an Invicta 3045 Grand Diver to accompany you everywhere.


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