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How to Cross A River While Hiking

Finding a river on the way during hiking is a widespread happening.  You will have to cross the river to go forward, and swimming is not the way to do it, although it is better to know how to swim. Knowing how to cross a river is

How to Transport a Kayak

Kayaking is a sporty activity which requires paddling for moving through water. Anyone can paddle on rivers, ponds, lakes, oceans with a kayak. It is very cheap, thrilling and full of enjoyment. Some people enjoy kayaking as their hobby. Some prefer it for a family trip or

Backcountry Navigation

Knowing your destination is very important to ensure a safe journey while traveling. Where in the case of regular traveling, we know the details about the place we are visiting, but things get a little complicated for adventure lovers. Adventure enthusiasts are used to visiting on those

How to Corner On A Mountain Bike

Cornering is a general term for the bikers, motorbikers or drivers. It requires the application of specific techniques and extensive practice. It is risky, as well. Cornering a bike requires leaning it closer to the road while the biker is riding the bike, so there are a

The Complete Car Camping Checklist

Car camping is one of the most fun activities. It refers to driving to a location for camping instead of walking there. It has always been the best choice for a family tour or enjoying a vacation with friends. You need to plan properly before heading for

How to Rappel

After reaching the peak of a hill or mountain, it is essential to know all possible ways to get back down. If the cliff is steep, it can be dangerous to walk down without any safety. Rappelling refers to getting down from such kind of hills safely

What to Wear Hiking – The Ultimate Hiking Clothing Guide

Hiking is an aged old hobby that people have been following since they discovered outdoors. Besides keeping us fit, it also rejuvenates our minds by providing fresh air. Hence, people love hiking as it let them explore the world. Although most people like hiking, they can’t complete

10 of the Best Kayaking Books of All Time

Kayaking is one of the most popular favorite pastimes to a significant number of water lovers. It has kept its popularity among a lot of kayak lovers for a long time. Inuit, formerly called Eskimos, introduced kayaking thousands of years ago. Generally, we can tell those kayakers

How to Take Awesome Hiking Pictures

To get the refresh from your body and soul, you may go for hiking. There are a lot of beautiful spots for hiking worldwide, which will amuse you. You may go there and gather adventurous experiences. And in return, you must want to come back along with

Top 5 Route You Get When Cycling Around the World

Cycling has gained popularity since people find it beneficial to health. Not only it keeps us physically active, but also it helps us by developing our mental health. Again, it is another mode of transportation and leisurely sport. So, the ratio of its popularity is increasing day