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Ice Fishing Gear to Buy This Winter

Winter season is here and what a better way to spend it than to do some ice fishing if you are an outdoor person. Most people fear going out in the cold and thus, exploring fishing grounds at such a time can be a lot of fun

How to Choose a Marine Amplifier for Your Boat

It’s always great having a music system in your boat. However, when your boat has powerful marine speakers, but the stereo is too weak for them, then you won’t get the best sound. But how can you enhance the sound that your boat speakers receive from the

Uses of the Axes and Hatchets and How to Mastering it?

Axes and hatchets might look shiny when new but these are actually very old tools that date back to the ancient world. Axes are generally larger than hatchets, with longer handles that can be held by two hands so as to balance its load well. This makes

How Technology Is Helping People Share the Outdoors

Technology is all around us these days and it seems like there is an app to help share almost anything from car rides to spare rooms to clothing. However, the outdoors are a little different. Can technology really help folks share the outdoors?  We recently found a

The Ultimate Guideline: How to Choose a Rifle Scope

Without any question, the best upgrades for any rifle are an optical sight, red dot or telescopic sight; it does not matter. Whether you are first time buyer or a seasoned hunter, purchasing a new one optics is always tricky and daunting business, because of a vast

Tips in Choosing the Best American Made Pocket Knives in the Market

Out of the different kinds of knives available, pocket knives remain on top and are the go-to, everyday-carry knives to bring around with you. Pocket knives are very convenient to use and easy to carry. The very nature of pocket knives is their portability and ability to

Best Diving Spots in the Caribbean?

To experience a real sport on your next vacation, plan a trip to the Caribbeans. Obviously, I am not talking about relaxing on hammocks hung on palm trees, rather, plunge into the deep oceans and experience the rich vegetation of coral reefs and marine life the underwater

Uses of Solar Power For Camping, Boating, and RVs

Camping, boating and road tripping in an RV were once considered “roughing it” activities, meaning you had to trade your electronics – and sometimes comfort – to enjoy Mother Nature. That’s no longer the case thanks to modern technology and solar power. Power sources can give you

Kids Travel Pillow Buying Guide: For Comfort and Safety

Resting and proper relaxation for kids is a crucial part of a long journey. A long journey by plane, train or bus involves hours of sitting. So, it becomes essential for your child to have a comfortable and well-rested journey indeed. Again, when you travel with your

How to Pack a Small Backpack for Camping

Do you believe in the latest backpacking philosophy that less is more?  Earlier than the 1990s, backpackers believed that carrying up to 70lbs is what could guarantee a safe and comfortable camping trip. Today, a new mindset and modern materials provide newer ways of ensuring all the