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5 Things to Do Before Going on a Deer Hunt

Gone are the days when people have to hunt down food, but nothing beats the charm of the sense of fulfillment of eating fresh meat from an animal you worked hard to kill. This very charm is the reason why a lot of hunting aficionados go on

Tips and Tricks for Hunting With a Bow From a Tree

Many are the necessary aspects that you must take into account to choose the right tree to prepare your hunting position with a bow, always attending to vital factors so as not to fail in your choice. Put yourself in a zone with visibility, where you do

The Advantages of a Recurve Bow

Choosing the right bow for you is a matter of considering all options that are available. Different bow styles have different advantages and drawbacks. The archer who is rather into the traditional style bow over the modern compound bows may want to choose either a longbow or

How to Choose Your Arrows?

Choosing your arrows may seem difficult given the number of different sizes and the variety of materials used for its development. Here are the tips that will help you make the right choice. Determine Your Elongation To choose the correct size of your arrows, you will be

All You Need To Know About Compound Bows

Everything is advancing technologically in the world. Bows started off as longbows, evolved into recurve bows and currently, have been transformed into efficient shooting machines, known as compound bows. Compound bows utilize a system of cables and pulleys, popularly referred to as cams, to bend the limbs

What Do I Need to Stalk Mountain Deer?

  In the mountains, every unnecessary gram we carry in the backpack may be responsible for the fact that we have to abandon the hunt or at least that we hunt uncomfortably. After years after the roe deer, carrying roe deer, the author shows us what accessories

5 Tips for Spring Hunting Wild Turkey

Preparations for the wild turkey hunt are in full swing. If you have painful memories of unsuccessful attempts to lure birds into your shooting range, read on. We have organized some tips that will help. The Lure A well-located lure will add an element of realism to

Ground Blind Or Tree Stand: Which Is The Best For You?

A debate that has been going on for years between hunters is to use a ground blind or a tree stand.  Both of these options have their pros and cons which make it harder to determine which one you should be using. It is possible that the

Why will you need an Axe in the wild?

If you love going for expeditions in the wild or even camping, you have probably found the axe to be the most efficient and most versatile tool out there. Axe usage dates back to the ancient days when people used it for hunting and chopping up wood.

How to Clean a Rifle Properly

Just like any other tool, your rifle requires some extra care in form of cleaning to work properly. The basic task of removing dirt can add a good functionality to your weapon. Cleaning kit helps the weapon work properly. For that reason, you must have a best