How to Wash Merino Wool

Last Updated on August 30, 2020

We needed to clarify somewhat more about Merino wool before we get into how to wash Merino wool. Merino wool is a natural fiber. It’s more thin and soft than ordinary wool-making it simple to wear next to the skin. Also, when you wear wool by the surface, tons of advantages accompany it.

How to Wash Merino Wool

It is one of the higher quality wools which are known for its extraordinary softness. It’s produced by Merino sheep, which have an excellent wool fiber that is perfect for the flexible and breathable sews utilized in many wearing and chilly climate articles of clothing. A merino wool garment can be constructed with 100% merino wool or can be a blend of merino wool and polyester.

How to Wash Merino Wool

It is quite easy to take care of Merino wool garments, and they require less washing than cotton or synthetics for their antibacterial and odors, preventing characteristic. While Merino wool has the advantage of generally wrinkling, scent, and recolor safe, regardless it should be washed occasionally, mainly when it has been dirty or intensely sweated on. So let us discover how to protect this fine natural fiber as you clean it through delicate washing, drying, and stain removal.

Hand Washing Method

Use Wool Friendly Detergent

Merino wool is very soft, so you need to use a mild detergent or soap to wash it. Before you begin cleaning, you should research about wool specific soap. Being a fragile fabric, it requires a gentle washing fluid, which won’t harm its fibers. Whether you choose to use a detergent, soap, or shampoo, make sure that they are designed explicitly for wool fabrics for preventing bleeding of its color or damaging its fine fibers.

You need to avoid bleach as bleach contains chlorine. As indicated by Clorox, the dynamic fixings in chlorine-containing bleach attack wool fiber. Using this kind of material will result in harmed clothing.

If you must bleach a wool item, ensure that the thing you’re using is without chlorine. You should read the label which attaching to the garments, again and again, to make sure that it is safe for wool garments. Before doing a full wash, you can test the bleach on a specific part of the clothing for extra security.

Fill a Basin and Soak

When it comes to washing, you have to fill a basin with lukewarm water and wool soap. By lukewarm, we mean the water ought to be somewhere in the range of 85 and 100°F. With your wool garments wholly submerged in water, you should soak them for around five-six minutes.

It should not try to soak for longer than 5-6 minutes for avoiding the risk of warping the fibers. You need to swish the wool items with your hands gently. The delicate washing is like the pivoting movement of a clothes washer machine, and it helps the soap to penetrate your clothes and remove dirt.

Rinse and Squeeze out Excess Water

When they’re clean, all that is left to do is to rinse in warm water. You can rinse on multiple occasions to dispose of all the detergent. Additionally, it’s essential to utilize a similar temperature for rinse water as the one you used when soaking.

After rinsing, you need to squeeze out excess water in a gentle way. You should never try to wring your Merino wool fabrics since they can lose their unique shape. Instead, press the water out of them.

Using Washing Machine

Wash Smaller Merino Wool Garments in Machine

As it is a natural, wool does not need to be washed as frequently as other garments. It’s ideal to avoid washing bigger garments like that sweaters or leggings in a washing machine. However, littler Merino items, similar to caps, socks, or gloves, will almost certainly hold their shape better.

Wash darks and lights separately

Colors in wools, particularly pieces that are new, lose their color during a wash. The color can drain onto different Merino wool garments and harm your whole burden. When you sort your Merino wool garments by color, this implies typically separating them by shade.

The most fundamental approach to sort your garments is to isolate your darks from lights and wash them independently. You can even sort them all the more entirely by color. To be safe, consider washing your Merino wool independent from anyone else. Keeping it separate from other clothing will protect it and your different garments for longer.

Use Wool Friendly Washing Liquid

Merino fleece requires a gentle detergent that will limit bleeding or fiber-harm. Wash it with a soap or detergent that is mainly figured for wool or with a soft cleanser that is free from bleach and fabric softeners. As indicated by Clorox, the dynamic fixings in chlorine-containing bleach attack wool fiber. Using this kind of material will result in harmed clothing.

Set the right temperature

You should wash your thing in either warm or cold water. Avoid high temp water, which can shrink your Merino wool garments. Warm around 30 degrees Celsius is the usually the best bet, yet make sure to check the consideration directions of your garment’s tag to make sure you have the correct temperature guidelines for your specific item. You should never use hot water since for avoiding shrink of your wool.

Pick The Right Cycle

It is essential to pick the right cycle when washing your Merino wool garments. You need to choose a gentle, sensitive, or knit cycle so the turn of the machine won’t harm the wool fibers or shape of your garments. In case you cannot control the speed of your washing machine, please wash your Merino wool by hand.

Pull And Dry

Before drying the Merino wool garments, you have to block it once again into shape. Blocking a garment protects the right size and levels out of the fabric. This essential step reshapes the fabric to its unique measurements as it dries.

Now your Merino wool is clean, all you have to do to dry is lay it level in its standard shape. It can take days for dry. To accelerate the procedure, you can use a large salad spinner to shake out the excess water.

Then lay it in a flat position to dry. You can also utilize a collapsing garments rack to put the garment level. You should avoid drying the sweater in heat and try not to use a tumble dryer to accelerate the procedure.

Final Words

Merino wool is very easy to care for. It is a game changer. Its advantages are extending and can be applied in an entire number of ways. From adventuring to the world to everyday wear, Merino wool will reform the style of your dress and experience the world. Here we try to give you some ways to wash your Merino wool. If you wash your Merino wool in the right direction, we hope it will be long-lasting and usable for an extended period.


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