How to Use a Tactical Pen: Definitions, Techniques and Facts

Last Updated on March 3, 2020

How to Use a Tactical PenThe world that we live in is anything but safe. It’s wonderful and beautiful yet very unpredictable. In essence, anything can go wrong when you least expect it. Scared? Most probably yes but that is our reality, and we should find ways to live with all the uncertainties.

Unfortunate events do occur, for instance, robbery or being harassed by somebody and that’s why it’s imperative that we prepare for the worst by investing in some self-defence gears such as a tactical pen.

What is a Tactical Pen

Ever wondered, can a pen be mightier than a fighting sword? Maybe, if it’s a tactical pen. Also referred to as a ‘multi-tool’ by the survival specialist, a tactical pen has the shape, size and appearance of a conventional pen. The modern tactical pen is two different things including a useful writing implement as well as a self-defence weapon.

The lineage of this discreet backup weapon goes back to the original Kubotan, the self-defence ‘spike on a chain’ developed in the1970s by Grand Master Takayuki Kubota.

Like the Kubotan’s, tactical pens are formed from a hardened metal which is stamped with small and tight friction grooves to improve grip. There is a hardened tip incorporated at the non-writing end of the pen which embodies the primary weapon of the tactical pen.

The pen is designed to penetrate and injure as well as to puncture and incapacitate. A tactical pen offers you the kind of utility that few products will provide. It is not only a mean weapon that can prod, poke, twist and stab anyone, but it also takes pride in being one of the man’s greatest inventions: the pen.

What Makes It a Self-Defense Weapon

A good number of the tactical pens possess sharp points which are hidden in their tip. Some have higher weight compared to a mere pen since they are made out of high-grade steel, and they ensure a very adamant stroke.

Tactical pens perform multiple purposes, for instance, it can get you out of trouble, can be used for writing, protecting you against someone by causing a minor wound as well as breaking things.

Ideally, tactical pens were created for individuals who do not want to use a gun for self-defence but still wish to have some useful thing that can be a potential weapon. They are hard to notice, and few see them as a dangerous tool. The greatest quality that tactical pens possess is the fact that they do not appear as weapons to other people.

The pens biggest strength as a self-defence weapon is the fact that your aggressors might underestimate your capability and undermine the potential of the pen and that’s when you surprise them.

Why You Should Carry a Tactical Pen

In this day and age, there is increased violence especially in the major cities and this has necessitated the search for perfect solutions to offer self-defence.

People are not only investing in classes which offer knowledge on self-defence as well as martial arts but purchase weapons that can protect them. It’s no longer business as usual since people are finding ways to retaliate and defend themselves against the aggressors.

The challenge is, the social and political regulations make it hard to openly possess a weapon from blowguns and swords to clubs and knives. The perfect way around this is being creative and realizing that anything at your disposal can serve as a weapon, and the most efficient of them all is a tactical pen.

Self-Defense Techniques Using a Tactical Pen

The techniques are quite simple and easy to learn. It’s important to mention that, a tactical pen is meant to defend yourself and not necessarily kill the attacker. The primary goal is to be able to ward off the danger so you can feel safe again.

Using It as a Sword or Stick

You can quickly improvise a sword using a best tactical knife. All you need to do is to strike hard with the tactical knife and have a good grip. The attack can cause so much pain to you aggressor and easily make him stop.

However, after you have scared him, it smart if you run to avoid getting involved in a dangerous fight that you might not have prepared for. This is the ideal way to get out of an emergency situation.

Using the Pen Like a Knife/Stabbing/Slashing

The fact that it doesn’t have a blade doesn’t make it lesser effective. All you are expected to do is turn it upside down and jab your attacker. Here is the catch, if these little tools reach the right place, they can easily break someone’s eyes. Also, the Adam apple is another vulnerable location.

Once you disable your aggressor’s sight or breath, the fight abruptly comes to an end. A tactical knife also does a pretty good job when you connect with the head. The fact that it doesn’t have a blade doesn’t mean it can’t slash perfectly well. You can take that opportunity to run for our life to avoid further confrontation in case he had back up.

Do’s and Don’ts to Consider When Using a Tactical Pen

DO carry it somewhere handy. You shouldn’t be burying them in the deepest end of your concealed carry backpack, but it would be just fine in your shirt pocket, pants pocket, jacket or checkbook.

DON’T make it your one and only weapon. You can try to carry more than one tactical pen at a time since there are a lot of sneaky places you can easily keep it at all times.

DO make use of all your options. Use your tactical pen creatively, and that entails being creative in the ways you can use your survival knife throughout the day. Figure out how you might defend yourself in different scenarios and how to retrieve the pen covertly. If your pen has a blunt end, you can use it to strike any vulnerable spot and don’t be scared to use the pointed writing end to deliver shallow puncture wounds.

DON’T tell the people around you that your pen is tactical. The good thing about a tactical pen is its discretion. Why then would you want to spoil the fun by spilling it all out? It is a good practice to keep your self-defense weapon to yourself until you’re forced to use them.

Final Word

A tactical pen is a strategic, self-defense weapon that can quickly come to your rescue when you least expect it. Always remember that when you buy a tactical pen and store it far away, it might not help you much during that unfortunate event you encounter next.

It’s imperative that you actively stay proficient with your weapon by consistently practicing on how to use it. The dual purpose of the pen-and-weapon serves as the perfect disguise and allows users the element of surprise while also granting the benefits of being armed and prepared for any situation.


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