How to Transport a Kayak

Last Updated on September 7, 2020

Kayaking is a sporty activity which requires paddling for moving through water. Anyone can paddle on rivers, ponds, lakes, oceans with a kayak. It is very cheap, thrilling, and full of enjoyment. Some people enjoy kayaking as their hobby.

Some prefer it for a family trip or exploring a new area. Many people acquire it as a form of exercise to increase their fitness and flexibility. But before heading to the water with a sea kayak, you must transport it to the location.

How to Transport a Kayak

You have to be careful to protect the kayak from unwanted scratch and damage. We are presenting a few ways of kayak transportation to the destination.

Transportation by a Car

With roof rack: many cars have roof racks above them. These make the process of carrying kayaks easier and safer. Kayak racks consist of two metal sticks lying horizontally on the car roof. Now you have to select some items which will make the kayak stable.

You can use a padded saddle to set up the kayak. For carrying more than one kayak, j shaped bars are very helpful. It also makes the lifting process easier. It is quite easy to keep the kayak on the roof rack with two persons.

Just hold the two ends, synchronize together, lift the kayak above your head and place it to the desired position. If you are alone, first of all, hold two sides of cockpits with both hands.

Provide support by resting it on the top of the knees for few seconds after bending your knees. Now lift the kayak above your head with full strength and place it in the car. If it seems problematic, use a roller on the back bar to lift the kayak instantly.

Once you put the kayak above the car, it is time to tie it up. Keep it such that it lies parallelly. Use some paddings to cover those portion of the boat which may undergo friction while driving. Take a strong and long strap for attaching the kayak to your car.

Enter one end of the strand under the rack and pull both ends over the kayak. Now take insert one end under the rack and lock it with the other end. Repeat the same process for another side of the kayak.

If you are using j shaped bars, thread the straps through them first, place the kayak, and then tie it up. Use a bow and stern line to attach the kayak to the bumpers of the car, neglecting the wind effect.

Without roof rack: Stop worrying if you don’t have roof racks on the car. In this case, you have to invest in a rack-like support system to carry your kayak. You can use basic towers which are stronger than the rack.

An inexpensive way is to use pool noodles and cam straps to make a rack-like structure. Now lift the kayak and tie it up following the previous methods. Last but not least, don’t forget to tie down the bow and stern.

Using rack and roll trailer: rack and roll trailer is a platform that can carry more than one kayak at the same time. You only have to place the kayaks to the trailer without the trouble of lifting above the head.

It is easily attachable to any vehicle. It is also designed to suit other equipment into large storage. Best suitable for carrying a lot of kayaks at a short distance.

Transportation by two wheels: kayak trolley is a vehicle with two wheels used for carrying a kayak. If your kayak is small, less heavy and you have to travel it at a short distance, this is the best option for you.

You can also use it for carrying the kayak from car to water. Secure one end of the kayak with straps and ropes. Take one more straps, attach it to the bow of the kayak and you can pull the kayak using the strap. If the kayak has handle or loop, you don’t have to use the extra straps and can pull the kayak by it.

Transportation by hands: After untieing the kayak, you have to carry it to the water. If the destination is very close to your current location, you can use these methods too.

Two person transportation: carrying the kayak with two people is very easy and convenient. Both have to hold each end of the kayak. You can use the handles or straps associated with it. You can also carry more than one kayak in this way. Just join them together and follow the previous step.

One person transportation: If one person wants to transport the kayak, he can carry the kayak on the shoulder. Lean your boat vertically against something such that the cockpit is visible. Then slowly put your hand inside and place it on your shoulder. Bend the hand and keep grabbing the kayak.

Final Words

The transportation method of kayaks depends on kayak type, size, number of kayaks, and the way of carrying. But the kayakers carry them; they must focus on appropriate safety and have to buy kayak supporting items. Some items may be a little bit costly, but they worth it. We hope you found our guideline informative and helpful.


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