How to Train For Rock Climbing

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Rock climbing is a great outdoor cardio workout activity. It is a great dare thrown towards someone by himself. It helps to erase fears – fear of height, fear of challenges, fear of accidents, fear of death.

The level of risk in rock climbing is so high that once done successfully, it might change the whole thought process of an individual from I can’t do this to if I can do this, then I can do everything. It increases the confidence and the endurance level as well. It keeps you fit and healthy.

How to Train For Rock Climbing

The issue with adventure sports like rock climbing, abseiling is the risk which might cause death due to mere negligence. It needs continuous practice. Without being sure about safety and learning the techniques, one should never take part in such activities. No adventure is worth death. So, train yourself and then try to experience the thrilling experience of rock climbing.

Train under a professional

Rock climbing requires training. There is no alternative to practicing rock climbing. Learning and training under a professional trainer is the best option for a beginner in rock climbing. One can personally train themselves, but we definitely suggest a professional trainer.

A short course to learn about rock climbing styles and techniques will increase the level of safety. A thing like belaying is pretty difficult to learn without the help of an experienced and efficient professional. There are so many similar complicated things to learn in rock climbing.

Thus, the first and foremost advice a rock climbing enthusiastic must follow is not climbing an actual hill before passing the levels of the training course. You should train under a professional but simultaneously continue practicing all by yourself.

Cardio workout

Nowadays, most people have knowledge about the importance of physical exercise. Do regular exercise even if you have no intention of climbing the rock. It is good for your health. Cardio workout is one activity that doesn’t require a professional.

You can prepare yourself by doing a thorough cardio workout for a couple of weeks and then join a trainer. Rock climbing in itself is an intense cardio workout. To adjust with the intensity and do that well, you will have to train your body.

The cardio workout will help you to do that. It will increase your stamina and tolerance level. It helps to keep you active and remove fatigue. Rock climbing also requires muscle strength. The muscles on the shoulder, legs, and core require proper strength for rock climbing.

Activities like running, cycling, swimming helps to strengthen the muscles. So, adjust your body to tough workouts, it will help you later in learning the techniques of rock climbing.

Indoor rock climbing

Rather than directly joining a rock climbing activity when you feel you are ready, try indoor rock climbing and elevate your rock climbing skill. Indoor rock climbing requires everything outdoor rock climbing needs, but it is safer for beginners. So, you will get all the safety gear there.

Nowadays many gyms have indoor rock climbing facilities. You will have to learn the climbing techniques for climbing a rock. Indoor rock climbing gyms mimic side of the mountains and the climbers practice the climbing techniques with all the gears and safety measures.

Increasing the strength of core muscles and torso isn’t enough, you will have to know how and where to apply that strength. Rock climbing focuses on pushing the body up the wall with the help of the legs.

Practicing indoor rock climbing will help you with that. Rather than putting yourself at risk by trying this anywhere outside your house, try an indoor rock climbing gym.

Set up a schedule and follow it

Rock climbing needs at least a couple of weeks training. Regular training needs a schedule, and following it is a must. The training also includes giving rest to the body. Train yourselves by increasing your strength and cardio workout for the first two weeks.

If you think you need more, then trust yourself and take more time. Then, for the next two weeks, practice climbing and continue the cardio workout. The rule is simple if you think you need more climbing practice, then, practice it for another week.

Make sure you are resting for at least two days a week. Skipping the break will only increase the chance of injuries, and your body might also reject to cope up with the vigorous training. So, keep on practicing as well as resting at a regular interval.

So, that is how you train yourself for rock climbing. Now you are ready for triumphing the rock climbing. One thing which needs to be mentioned at this point is the determination. Commencing of climbing a rock must happen with a rock solid determination.

Be it with convincing oneself for trying such a challenging activity, vigorous training of a couple of weeks, and finally climbing the rock. All these demands determination. Along with that, the training ensures comfortable and safe rock climbing.


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