How to Store a Kayak

Last Updated on August 20, 2020

Kayaks are manufactured with thin material to ensure optimal performance on the water. As the material is so thin, warping can occur during storage. So, everyone should be cautious while storing their kayaks. And it is also essential to keep in mind that three factors can cause harm. These are heat, time, and stress.

How to Store a Kayak

That’s why kayakers need to safely store their kayaks at an angle or standing up position. Again it should be covered and properly balanced as well. Although some kayaks require more space to get stored, and it is one of the most significant disadvantages of owning a premium kayak. Anyone can get rid of the problem of storing if they know how to store a kayak.

The majority of expert kayakers use special tactics to keep their kayaks. And these methods are not hard at all until you once learn it. In case you need any information about storing kayaks, you may read through the article to know some of the best ideas of kayak storage.

Storing in the Garage

Most of the avid kayakers choose the garage as it provides several options to store kayaks. And you may also follow one of these steps to find out which works best for you.

Kayak Racks

It will be a great option if you have a small collection of kayaks. You can use the wall-mounted kayak frame to accommodate two to three kayaks. And if you need to store up to six kayaks, then free-standing racks will suit them best.

One of the advantages of these racks is that you can buy one according to your requirement. And besides that, you can customize them as well.


It is a method of hanging a kayak from the ceiling. And it is excellent for saving space as well. By adding pulleys, you can lift and down the kayak which is the best way to store a kayak in a garage. Again the pulley system can save your time of storing the kayak.

The only drawback is that the kayak is often suspended flat. However, you can invest in a sling that supports the middle section of the kayak.


It is a standard garage method. Before deciding how to hang a kayak on a wall, you should first determine how high you want to store the kayak. Although the upper top racks can accommodate objects, it takes more effort to position the boat. On the contrary, a lower mount allows for high storage, but it makes the kayak more accessible to creatures and accidental impacts.

Mounting straps are relatively inexpensive, but you can’t mount it on drywall or plywood. Attaching the mounts to a stud can be a great solution to the problem.

Storing Outdoors

Although most kayakers don’t want to keep their kayaks outdoor, sometimes they can’t avoid it. Fortunately, there are some options available for storing kayaks outdoor. You can place the kayak vertically as long as you make sure the stern is supported above the ground to prevent damage from weather or animals.

 Kayak Tent

As you are looking for storing your kayak outdoor, we recommend you choose a kayak tent. Kayak tents provide you safe storage and also give you ample space to store. So, you need to start finding a sheltered place (ideally an outside wall sheltered from bad weather) to keep the kayak.

Again, you can build an A-frame so that the vertical beams can stand nearly the wall.  And you can add a few horizontal support beams to support the kayaks (it can be as many beams as kayaks, or you can enlarge the base to accommodate more than one kayak per group of beams).

Lastly, you need to cover both the outside and inside sections of the wall with a tarp. Also, make sure the cabin is covered and sealed for optimal security.

Outdoor Theft Prevention

The risk of theft is one of the biggest dangers of storing your kayaks outdoor. You may need to find a few ways to secure them. For that, you can place a steering-wheel lock in the cockpit which is the easiest way to secure.

Besides that, you can use a chain which goes through the holes or grab-loops for the best security. The string can also be wrapped around the support beams as well.

Although it is possible to steal a chained kayak, the effort to cut it (and then remove the wheel lock) will be a challenging task.

Other Storage Methods

There are some additional options if you are searching for something premium. These methods may be more effective if there are no alternatives, but they are good enough to consider in most cases.

Renting Space

You can rent space to store the kayak, and it is another excellent way that you may choose. And many kayak clubs and schools allow you to keep your boat for a small fee.

Vertical Storage

This method is perhaps one of the best space saving options. It requires the least horizontal space and a high ceiling to accommodate the kayak. As we know, the stern will support most of the weight of the kayak while storing vertically, so you may need to add padding beneath it.

Besides that, you need to ensure that the cockpit is facing outwards and the shell is leaning slightly against the wall for support. And if there are pins nearby, the kayak will not fall to the side. However, it is not essential though.

Hand-Maiden Kayak Storage

Most of the methods described here require some kayak equipment that can be built by hand. Wall racks, free-standing racks, and even bases for vertical storage can be designed with a little PVC. Although you need to spend a little bit of time building that equipment, it can save a lot of money. Besides that, you can ensure the best fitting for your kayak as well.

Final Words

We know that kayaks are big and bulky, and it is difficult to store them. But you should try to store them in the right place. Because the proper storage will keep your kayak in tip-top shape and will protect it from the damage.

Although there are many storage options available for kayaks, most of them can’t ensure the best safety. And if you follow steps as mentioned above, your kayaks will be in a safer condition.

Still, you get any damage at your kayak by following these steps; you need to understand that it is caused by kayaking and not while your kayak was sitting on the sideline.


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