How to Stay in a Tent

Last Updated on July 14, 2020

Tourists, naturalists, fishermen, and hunters know which team to choose to spend the night in the middle of nature. If you have just shopped and hiked, you need to know how to stay, go to sleep, and camping.

How to Stay in a Tent

You Will Need:

  • Tent
  • Heat the water in plastic bottles
  • Sleeping bag
  • Dry fuel
  • gas lamp
  • Portable stove

The Instruction

1. Preheat the water and pour the water into plastic bottles. Place your sleeping bag liner. Hot from the bottle will help you warm up faster and keep warm at night. It can be done in another way. Dissolve the fire, look for a large hot stone. Then place carefully on the railway track, the capacity and place it on the wooden support in the corner of the tent.

2. Try to heat the tent before going to bed. To do this, use one or two dry fuel pellets, this should be enough to maintain a comfortable temperature. In the sleeping bag just go to bed in pajamas and socks, warm clothes, place the top. So you much faster since you do not have to heat located between the clothes by air.

3. Take your hot coffee or tea; it will warm you for a short time. To increase the temperature inside the tent, use the gas lamp. Less of these appliances – oxygen consumption, through a while in the store there is nothing to breathe. Observe the safety regulations, use only the pendant of the glass lamp of the bulb.

4. Ideal for heating the folding (portable) “stove” and portable stove. These appliances are normally used in large tents, hiking clothes, bathrooms and in stores, because “byrjyika” takes up a lot of space and has a high emissivity. In a small tent, it will be too hot and suffocating.

5. You can use an unusual, but very effective heating method. Dissolve the fire below the level of the tent. Take aluminum from the vacuum tube, hang one end over the fire, the other end should be in a tent. The hot air from the fire goes up the pipe and heat the interior space of the store.

6. The most typical of the sail could also increase the temperature inside the tent. Just do not leave it at night, you can fall and set fire to your clothes. Warm up tents with care. Do not inject too high temperature and do not carry a lot of clothes. So you can have a heat stroke.


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