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Last Updated on August 18, 2020

How To Set Up A Campsite: Camping is an outdoor activity, stepping outside the house and staying outside under the open sky in an open field or trail inside a tent or sleeping bags for a few days with family and friends or solo. It sounds fun and is an equally thrilling experience. Camping for a couple of days works as a refreshment and is a much-needed break from a busy life schedule, therefore, should be done quite often.

Camping is no more that activity which is only popular among the adventurers. People who lead a normal life are showing interest in camping as well. That is why a lot of campgrounds and campsites are seen nowadays. The number of people seen in such places is shocking and overwhelming as well.

How To Set Up A Campsite

Other than the popular campgrounds we also have our good old camping in a remote location known as primitive camping. Primitive campsites are much more adventurous and full of challenges.

To enjoy camping to the fullest one have to take all the important stuff with them and know how to set up a campsite as well. So, let us now start explaining the steps of setting up a campsite.

Choosing the Perfect Location

One must consider comfort, weather, water, and safety while choosing a location. The location needs to be high, flat, and even. If the spot is uneven and full of rocks and peddles, assembling the tent could be an issue. Also, it can be uncomfortable to have an uneven tent floor.

It should be sunny around the camping location. Choose the location after researching briefly on the weather of that particular location. Do not camp on a spot where sunrays hit directly.

It can hamper the enjoyment due to the hot environment. Camp near the trees to take shelter under the shades when needed. Water is essential while camping and it is impossible to carry water and not practical also.

So, it is rational to camp close to a water source. Some campgrounds have water resources, but even those are near the water sources like river, waterfall or lake. Primitive camping requires much more calculations and researches regarding the spotting of a perfect location for camping.

Stay away from the places which have wild animals roaming all around. You do not want to attract wild animals while camping. Choose a location which is quite distant from wildlife. Be safe from sudden attacks by staying a little careful and fully alert.

Avoid camping on a slopy area and hilltops. Hilltops are prone to lightning. Slopes are difficult to climb with things on the back.

Assembling the Tent

After deciding the location, you have to set up the tent. Assembling a tent is easy, and backpacking tents make things easier. A backpacking tent is easy to carry and weighs almost nothing.

Once you start setting it up, it takes just a couple of minutes to assemble. Take the Durable Water Repellant (DWR) to cover the tent to make it waterproof. It handles rainwater well. You can carry portable bivy sacks or backpacking sleeping bags as well.

A Fireplace and Cooking Spot

Camping for a few days requires cooking food or boiling water. A fireplace is needed to keep the place warm. It also works as a mark in the dark park. Keep the fireplace a little far away from the tent to avoid accidents.

You can have your cooking stove near the fireplace.  Bring a water purifier or water purification tablets to avoid boiling water on the stove.

The moment you start the fire on the fireplace make sure you have lightened the lamps. Make sure to light up the campsite for moving and strolling from one place to another.

Constructing a Toilet

While bathing is not an issue if the campsite is set up near water sources, but constructing a toilet in a particular spot is compulsory. A portable toilet chair will also do the job.

To ensure privacy and safety curtain clothes can be used to cover it. Maintaining hygiene around the camping location is a must.

Make the toilet far away from the water resources to avoid contamination. Use the toilet for excrement. Bury the stool in the ground. It will help to keep the atmosphere fresh and pure.

Having a Garbage Bin

Take a sufficient number of garbage bags to dump the rubbish. Don’t throw the waste near the campgrounds and ruin the atmosphere. Keep it clean.

Hang the bag on a tree far away from the campsite to avoid attracting animals. Some of the campgrounds provide trash bags and if trash bags are not available bury the rubbish in the ground.

Final Words

To spent quality time with family and friends or spending alone time while camping a secure campsite is very important. Camping takes us close to nature. It heels mental issues. Enjoying life is as important as working hard to lead a comfortable life.

We sacrifice our rights of enjoying while running behind worldly pleasures. Outdoor activities are a great way to keep one away from all the anxiety and pressure. So, when now you know the steps of setting up a campsite then go camping and enjoy.


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