How to Safe the Rings of Your Fishing Rod From Saltpeter

Last Updated on July 12, 2020

How to Safe the Rings of Your Fishing Rod From Saltpeter? The continued use of fishing equipment in the marine environment entails the necessary realization of a series of tasks that must be aimed at keeping them in good condition since the floating saltpeter in the environment is capable of sticking to each element that we carry with us. an amazing facility.

In this sense, the metallic parts are the ones that most suffer the action of this corrosive element, which is why it is especially necessary to apply a handful of strategies so that the ugly greenish tone that sometimes appears printed on the rings does not go any further. , either oxindoles or offering a poor appearance in plain sight.

How to Safe the Rings of Your Fishing Rod From Saltpeter

How to Focus the Cleaning of the Rings of Your Fishing Rod

The rings of your fishing rod support a considerable workload, then it is necessary to preserve them from the action of the salt by the account that it brings. In fact, for them, apart from braided or monofilament lines, there are a lot of impurities that have to be purged to continue acting at full capacity.

Seen this way, at first, it would be logical that, once the fishing session was over, we washed all the components with fresh water, but it is here that, in certain latitudes. The level of chlorine present in the liquid element is not exactly the most advisable for both the equipment and the lines, which is why it is necessary to take other paths, such as using bottled water to clean certain parts,

Your Great Ally Silicone Oil

The silicone oil should be applied directly on the rings to work properly, without even having to bathe them with fresh water. However, it is not necessary to flood the area with a very wide application, as a quick pass is enough to keep the rings clean and preserved until further notice.

In this sense, in the hands, we will notice a certain humidity product of an artificial layer that we have put directly from the fishing boat, which, however, is not sticky and disappears quickly as soon as we rub the fingers.

Thus, once it is applied to the metal, it will remain perennial until we use that equipment again, while if we do it on the line, it will expel any dirt present in the freshwater that could affect its consistency. However, What’s more, we can find the same in certain supermarkets that fishing stores, but, as we noted, it is obvious that the amount we both ask each other.

So, we are attentive to the car sections of some hypermarkets, because we can do the same with several boats at a ridiculous price, a matter that our pocket will be grateful in any case.

How to Safe the Rings of Your Fishing Rod From Saltpeter

What We Do When the Rings Are Dirty

In all fishermen’s houses, there are materials that are parked or forgotten, and after a time, for whatever reason, their services are again required. However, when that happens in the case of the reeds, we realize that the state of the rings is little less than depauperate, to the extent that a greenish layer has been established on them, as well as symptoms of corrosion that surely it will allow them to act as we would like.

However, in life, there is a solution for almost everything, and for this, the first thing to do is soak them for a few hours with a cold drink, or in vinegar. Now, the first measure will always be much more aggressive than the second, since it will penetrate to the same point in which the problem was generated.

Next, it will be necessary to scrub intensely with a paste created from bicarbonate of soda mixed with water, which we will apply with a toothbrush. What is involved is that the continuous friction lifts all the dirt, so the means with which we do it should be smooth, but at the same time blunt. For this reason, it is discouraged to use systems with greater abrasive power, such as for example, battery acid.

It Is Always Best to Prevent Regrets

As we know, the salt has the magical ability to impregnate all the material we carry to the shore when we face a fishing session, which is why it is necessary to know ways to combat its corrosive action if we intend to continue using this equipment that can It cost us a fortune.

From the measures described in this article we can have it at full capacity, but it is appropriate, however, that such maintenance and care are applied with character, if not continuous, yes frequent, because nothing is more annoying, while burdensome, We have to change some rings because we have neglected cleaning them.


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