How to Rig a Fishing Kayak

Last Updated on September 8, 2020

Kayaking is a fun activity. The fun quotient doubles up when you are on a fishing kayak, catching and fishing the water creatures. Fishing requires a bit of preparation, and when you are thinking of kayak fishing, then the arrangement is not only about baits or fishing rods.

A fishing kayak needs proper rigging. It’s an exciting activity. You will have to know the things you need to take and have specific spaces on the kayak for them. Rigging is all about organizing the kayak well.

How to Rig a Fishing Kayak

After every adventure activity, you add something new to the previous rigging process. Perfecting the kayak fishing rigging is neither very easy nor too complicated. With a little bit of knowledge and doing it, again and again, can do wonders.

There are many things to add and modify to make the kayak fishing more fun and productive. Being safe the whole time should also be the priority for any kayak angler. So, let us discuss kayak rigging and the items we need to perfect it beneath.

Investing in PFD

Personal Floatation Device (PFD) will help you in staying afloat in emergencies. It doesn’t matter whether you know how to swim or not, and even if you are an experienced swimmer, you need PFD.

Get a comfortable and lightweight floating device, especially when you are up on an all day long kayak fishing. It is better to invest in a good quality PFD than risking your life by paddling a kayak without taking any safety measures.

Buy the right kayak

As we already mentioned the level of fun doubles when you are well prepared with all the necessary things needed for kayak fishing. For kayak fishing, first, you need to have a kayak. Choosing the right kayak decides how much safe and comfortable fishing experience you are going to have.

For convenient fish storage, you can buy a specific fishing kayak. Kayaks which are specially designed for kayak fishing will have specific spaces for the fishing rods and other requirements.

Sit-in or Sit-on Kayak

Instead of buying a sit-in kayak, purchasing the sit-on kayak will be the perfect decision. Capsizing is pretty standard and common in kayak fishing, so there are chances of a sit-in kayak getting filled with water once capsized. However,  a sit-on kayak will make you make be able to enter the kayak easily, and even the kayak will not sink and stay afloat with you.

Fish Finder

If you are not willing to waste your time sitting at a wrong spot and waiting for the fish to take your bait, then quickly get a fish finder. Fishing kayaks already have the place for holding fish finders. A high-quality fish finder can read up to 1600ft underwater. So spend a little money to save a lot of time catching a lot of fish.


It might seem to be a minor thing, but the seat of a kayak can change your angling experience. The paddling and the force you apply while casting depends on how the way you are sitting on the seat and how comfortable you are feeling sitting on it. So make sure to have a comfortable seat on your kayak, otherwise, change it, and you will feel the difference right away.

Fishing Crate

Fishing crates are one of those items which you don’t realize how important they are before actually using them. It literally changes the look of a rather flimsy arrangement. You take too many stuff with you when you are kayak fishing, and you have limited space there.

A fishing crate properly fits the storage area right behind the seat and can hold and store too many things in it including fishing rods, that, also up to five. Most of the fishing kayaks, especially the sit-on ones, already come with specific space for holding fishing crates.


Do not buy a paddle which flexes a lot. Make sure you have used the paddle a few times, or you might face difficulties while paddling in the middle of the water, ruining the day. If you are thinking of buying a cheap paddle, then rule it out because you don’t want a broken paddle in the middle of the water, where coming back becomes impossible.

Baits and Lures

If you are fishing, then you are either going to use lures or baits. Lures can be helpful if you are not comfortable with live or dead baits. Lures have their own features to attract the fish, so fishes are easily caught that way.

If you are using live baits, then make sure to get a kayak with a live well. Moreover, if you are using dead baits, then store them at a place near you, so that you can reach to the baits easily.

Gear Leash

Gear leashing all the items and securing all the belongings you are taking on the kayak in absolute necessity. Store the food and water in the storage and gear leash it. You don’t want to lose even a single item in the water as your kayak will move frantically during the paddling.

Final Words

These were just the basics of rigging a fishing kayak. Now, you are ready for going on kayak fishing. However, the method changes with individual preferences. Only you know the things that make you comfortable while fishing. As you already got to know the basics to rig a fishing kayak, so, you can experiment and bring the changes you think you need to perfect the rigging.



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