Last Updated on May 7, 2020

How to Pump a Mountain Bike: If you are a mountain biker, then obviously you want to ride your bike so faster with more premium techniques. There are many ways to ride a mountain bike faster. For fast speed riding, you have to follow some guidelines. There are so many techniques and tips, which will increase the speed of your mountain bike than before.

Now one of the popular ways that are worldwide followed in mountain biking for more speed of the bike is the “Pumping.” You also should follow it.

How to Pump a Mountain Bike

Pumping is basically a way to produce more speed of your bike without pedaling, only by shifting the weight of your body vertically and pushing of force into the tires and synch with the types of the trail, which will be controlled through your pumping technique and biking style.

Here we are providing you some basic guidelines about pumping, which will make you able in your biking to produce more speed for your mountain bike.

How to Pump a Mountain Bike for More Speed


The beginners, who are going to experience the fast mountain biking, some fundamental rules should be followed for pumping. When you are in the seat, push a limited and slow force on the pedals to move, keep a balance into the pedals, then drive your body weight into the handles.

Maintain your body balance by using your hips, hands, and legs. Push downward by bending your legs and arms. Be concerned about one thing that your pushing force must move your bikes forward rather only down.

Pumping Over Different Trails

  • Pump over spring and go down into dips (Rollers)

In a pump track on your trail, some spring rising and dipping places may come. In such a rolling way, pull up your bike handles and lift front wheel to move upwards and for going below push down with your arms and drop heels to accelerate. Generate extra force to rise that will make it heavy in the backside of your bike so that you can lift easily and move fast. Never slowing down your speed and maintain the speed constantly. Set your bike’s seat at a lower position, which will make it much easier to shift your body weight.

  • Pump through corners

When you are turning from the corner side on your track, follow the same rule of pumping as you roll for your every turn to drive your bike tires. A downward force and weight lifting will provide you enough traction to turn faster through the corner.

  • Pump through berms

The trail may be flat and wide as a berm, but the technique of pumping is still the same as you pump down into the dip. Just beside, what you need to follow one thing, turn head to the side, and cross the corner of the berm.

  •  Pump in a downhill track

For riding in the downhill track, you will always get an extra gravity force to go downward. But for producing the more extra speed, you can use the pumping technique. Never give extra force on the front suspension. Keep the balance on the pedals. When you are directly moving to downward of the hill, shift your body weight to the back of your bike and push the force. That will give you extra speed to move forward.

  • Pump through different technical trail features

It is pumping that you can use to ride fast through rock gardens or heaps of tree roots. When you are used to with the pumping techniques, find out the features of different types of trail that you will be able to pump off. In a rock garden, you will find many rocks on the trail. Here you should pump it off by unweighting your bike. Thus the wheels of the bike will make the track over such a trail. In the trail of heaps of tree roots, you may follow the same technique as well.

  •  Pump on the plain street

Many bikers think that on the plain street, it is not possible to pump. But it is wrong. You may pump on the plain street by pushing the force with your arms to the front. And avoid pushing force at the back.

  • Pump over bumps to jump

On your biking trails, when you are confidently pumping over bumps, pull up the handlebars, which will lift the front wheel to reach the top of the bump. When the back wheel will also reach the top, then push hard with the legs. Always stay concerned about the timing. If you push the force correctly with perfect timing, you will be able to make the perfect high jump.


In this article, we just try to make a clear concept of the pumping of a mountain bike for more speed over different trails’ features. You may discover some other rules of pumping with your skills. Here you may find as a beginner some basic guidelines of mountain bike’s pumping for more speed.

Now, after reading the whole article, first, read your riding tracks. Then decide how you will ride. Set up your mountain bike as per the trail and purpose of biking. In all pump tracks, the above mentioned, in time of pumping, be concerned of the time. You may practice pumping around your home before going on the track. It will make you confident to pump over the track. Now you are ready to go.


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