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How to Make Dog Vest

Dog vests tend to make an essential item for them according to their owners since they keep the pet clean since if their suit gets dirty, they can take them off, and the pet will continue to be clean.

Another aspect to consider is the elegant, presentable, and flirty that our dog looks with any article of clothing. Vests are those types of garments that have become very popular in our pets’ wardrobes since these adhere practically and lightly to the body of any dog.

Dog Vests

So the vests keep the dog clean by not preventing them from running, jumping, climbing mountains, or even swimming, while also providing softness when we want to hug our pet and coat, despite the fact that these They can be soft in texture and tend to protect the dog from sudden colds.

What Are Dog Vests?

The Dog vests are an ideal garment for cold seasons, although many of them are designed to be worn in the summer, these garments cover the dog leaving its paws and tail free, keeping it warm in those cold seasons. These garments are very easy to put on, thanks to their velcro system that is usually attached to the dog’s abdomen keeping in mind that it is not going to be loose or very tight.

The dog vests are usually very light, allowing the dog to move freely from walking, running, as well as climbing large rocks. With these dog vests, our dog will last longer, clean, avoid scratches, and his skin touched the rain in case they are waterproof. Another type of dog vests are life jackets, which are special vests for walks where the dog must swim, this peculiar vest is very protective for our pets.

Guide To Buying Dog Vests

  • Use: Before acquiring a dog vest, you should consider the use that the dog will give it. Whether for daily use, during winter, snow, for walks in the mountains or during the rain.
  • Materials: It should be considered that the vest is made of suitable fabric according to the environment where the pet lives, whether it is a winter, snow, or autumn place so that they can acquire a vest with a soft, padded or waterproof fabric.
  • Dimensions: Before buying a dog vest, you must take into account the dog’s measurements, and thus be able to buy a vest that adapts very well to its body.
  • Maintenance: The vest must be able to be washed when required, thus preventing stains, dust mites, and bad odors.

Know How to Make Dog Vest Step by Step

Once a pet comes into your life, it completely changes the perception that you have about animals, their behaviors, and their benefits. It is enough to be close to one to want to give him everything! Follow these steps and learn how to make Dog vest without leaving your house and that your best friend will love it!

1. Think hard about your dog’s size

This step is essential since it is directly related to the breed and size of the dog. If our pet is small, there will be little problem in discovering its size. However, if your best friend is large, it is best to follow these recommendations.

Dogs have a very pronounced chest, which is why this should be the starting point of the measures. Take measurements of the chest, neck, and stomach, also to keeping in mind the distance between the head and shoulders.

Once you are clear about the measurements and size of your pet, you can start the process of learning how to make dog vest!

2. How to make dog vests according to the heat

Another aspect that you should take into account is the care that dogs really require since they are animals that do not need any type of coat to survive the cold since their fur is sufficient.

In fact, dogs have multiple layers of fur and fur that cover them from cold, water, and other weather conditions. However, there is something that does affect them, and it is the heat.

When making the decision to learn how to make dog vest, you should think of fresh materials that do not retain heat and do not make them uncomfortable for walking. Remember that there is no point in looking cute if you don’t feel good!

3. What materials can I use to make dog vests?

To know with certainty what type of fabric will be the best option to make dog vests, you will have to look at its coat and the age of your pet. It is normal for dogs of advanced adulthood to begin needing a calorie boost to maintain their temperature. This is why we bring two options for materials.

If you are looking to give your dog a high temperature, you should choose materials as they offer warmth and comfort. On the contrary, if you want your dog to be able to play and is always fresh, using cotton as a base will be your best alternative. Check what is your best option to make dog vests thinking about the manufacturing materials!

4. The garment manufacturing process begins

Making dog vests at the end does not have any kind of science if you have the right mold and also correctly take your dog’s measurements. The first thing is to make the mold. Start by looking at it from zenith and understanding that the union of the garment will be on the back of the animal.

Taking into account the measurements you took, you should divide it in half for the chest and keep in mind the distance between the head, the shoulders, and the radius of each of them.

When you have everything in the mold, all you have to do is cut the fabric so that it matches and join with the help of a sewing machine the planned parts to close your pet’s nightgown and have the process to make dog vest is ready!

5. Make a dog vest by recycling!

It has happened to many of us that we have a shirt or pants that we just love. But for things in life, it was stained, it broke, or it just doesn’t fit us anymore. Well, this does not mean that you cannot make better use of it with your pet!

You can always adapt an old shirt to your dog, as long as you are clear about the measures and size of your pet. To make dog vests by recycling, you just have to cut the shirt somewhere, fit it according to the measurements of your best friend, and then sew it again. It will look amazing, and your dog will love it!

Final Words

The vests are ideal for the cold season, many of them come in waterproof fabric to further sharpen their protection. These vests tend to make robust but without preventing the dog from limiting their running, jumping or walking movements, whether on snow or those mud surfaces, but they will prevent the dog from making any cuts on their skin.

Another advantage of these vests is that they can be used in summer and many of them have reflective tapes so that our pet can be seen in the middle of the night or darkness. All ready to give your pet an incredible surprise? Follow these recommendations and learn how to make easy dog ​​clothes without leaving home!


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