How to Layer Clothes for Cold Weather

Last Updated on August 30, 2020

Layering clothes are necessary for cold weather. We need to keep our body warm all the time, or else we will get sick. But it is not always that we layer clothes in cold weather just for cold, sometimes we layer clothes just for fashion. Winter is a season where we can style our self in different ways by layering clothes. Sometimes we layer clothes for showing our style, personality, and fashion.

How to Layer Clothes for Cold Weather

Layering clothes is an essential element of dealing with cold winter weather. It is not like the more we layer our clothes; it will keep our body warm. Sometimes over-layering is suffocating and make trouble in doing work. So, we need to learn how to layer clothes properly in winter. There are few tips given below for layering clothes in cold weather:

1. Put on warm, thin layers

Some types of cloth fabrics are warming like wool, silk, flannel, fleece. Those types of fabrics are warming.  So, if we put on this fabric in our first layer, it will help our body feel warm all day. Layers allow our body to regulate our body temperature more accurately.

2. Don’t put many layers on your head

As you can see, the head is naturally warm. Head leaks more heat than our bodies. You will never feel cold on your head. We feel cold in the head when our feet and hand is cold. Otherwise, we don’t feel cold in the head. So, we need to keep a thin layer of a cap or a simple hoodie to keep our head safe from wind or snowfall. Otherwise,  we can avoid layers on the head.

3. Keep your ears locked

When it is too cold, we need to keep our ears locked. Wind of cold weather enters our body by ear, and a direct effect on the brain and brain made us think cold and feel cold. So, locking ear is very important when we are traveling or doing outdoor works.

4. Keep your feet warm

Our feet are always in contact with the cold ground. One must wear a good pair of socks to keep our feet warmer. Synthetic socks are the best choice for keeping our feet warm.

5. Choose your shoes carefully

Shoes are an essential part of winter wearing. Feet are in contact with ground always. So, we should wear well-insulated boots. Sheepskin boots or leather is a good option for winter wear.

6. Keep your neck warm

The neck is a very sensitive part of our body. In summer, our sweats create rashes on our neck, and in winter, the open collar makes us sick and feels cold. We keep our body in layers to feel less cold and to keep our body warm. We also need to cover our neck.

It is apparent that we want to express less skin in cold weather and also want to lock the top of our jacket, so air does not leak out of the body of our jacket. We lose a lot of heat when the top of our jacket is an open hole surrounding our neck. So, we need to seal our neck with a wool scarf or synthetic scarf.

7. Decide which part you want to keep warm

Everyone has a different type of comfort level. Everyone has a weakness part like some want to keep their feet warm, some want to keep their hand warm, some want their head warm. Different types of comfort level make us different. So, prioritize which body parts you wish to keep warmest.

8. Use a good quality of coat or jacket

In general speaking, the thicker is, the better; whether it is a synthetic ski jacket, leather jacket or wool sweater.

9. Keep your hand covered

We always do anything with our hands. If we do not keep our hands covered, our hand will get cold, and we can not do our work correctly. Sometimes if the weather gets freezing, we cannot feel our hands if they are not covered or warm. Consequently, we need to keep our hands warm. We can use thin but warm gloves.  Always use comfortable gloves. Thin gloves are better than open hands.

10. Keep your face warm

Well, it is obvious we cannot keep our face covered adequately, but we can cover them half. We can use a scarf or face mask to keep our face warm. We breathe with our nose, so it is better not to breathe the cold air directly. It makes us sick. Do this if the weather is not suitable to breathe in.

11. Wear long innerwear

Besides providing extra layers, you must use long innerwear. Innerwear is skin tight, so it will keep our body warm. Try to use long underwear, sports bra. Don’t wear anything which you don’t feel comfortable with. Always wear fabric that makes you comfortable.

12. Make sure you don’t get sweat

If your body is too warm, you will sweat. Sweating is bad. When you are sweating, you will get wet. If you get wet, you will sick, or you will have skin problems. So, always make sure you are comfortable and not putting more extra layer than you need. If you get sweat, open up your layers like your hat, gloves, socks.

13. Wear more layer on your legs

We always put one layer on our legs like jeans an all. We put an extra layer on our upside like innerwear, shirt, sweater, jacket such things. But it is also essential to put a layer on legs. You can use long underwear or tights to keep your legs warm.

14. Stay stylish

Don’t get overdress. In cold weather, it is common to put on an extra layer, but one must not need to get overdressed. It makes you odd and sweat. Always try to stay stylish.

In winter, we can put extra layers; so, it is easy to do style and make our outfit smart. We have to keep in mind what is trending and what we want to wear, how we want to style. Be comfortable with your style.

Final Words

For maintaining the style on cold weather, we must have to keep us warm. Don’t get yourself overdress; it will make you sweat and wet. On the other hand, for style, don’t make yourself sick. Sometimes we try to follow other peoples around us. So, we need to care that what they are wearing am I comfortable with it? You must not take other’s style thoughts if you are not satisfied with it. So, always do your style with your comfort zone.


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