How to Keep Bears Away

Last Updated on August 20, 2020

People should go outdoor sometimes. Because we know that there are lots of benefits of being outside. It helps people to improve their memory, fight depression, and also lower the blood pressure. That’s why most people go hiking and camping. As a result, besides improving their overall health, they get the chance to spend quality time with their families.

How to Keep Bears Away

Besides that, they can develop daily life skills as well. So, everyone should try to spend their leisure doing outdoor activities. Some campers and hikers can’t enjoy the outdoors though. As they do not ensure the best security while camping or hiking. Again some campers make a huge mistake by choosing wrong camping areas that are the living range of a dangerous animal like a bear.

Despite selecting bear areas, some camping enthusiasts keep themselves out of danger. Because they know how to keep bears away while camping, and if you are preparing yourself for an outdoor adventure, it will be better to learn the techniques of keeping bears away.

Choose Campsite Wisely

You need to choose the campsite carefully before setting up a camp. And for that, you should try to avoid areas that can be food sources for animals such as berry patches and lakes.

Because these large animals are always attracted to food sources and they tend to be hungry as well. And also, you should check the area for any sign of bear activity. So, it is the first step that you should consider while camping.

Avoid Smells That Attract Bears

We know that bears love sweets and the bear drawing that eats honey is not a fiction. So, if you leave candy, fruit or other odorous objects in the open, it will be an invitation to the bears.

In the same way, you will attract these animals when you use soaps or perfumes with sweet flavors. That’s why you need to avoid these types of stuff too.

Bear Muda Strategy

Many camping experts use the strategy to keep themselves safe. And they find the method helpful though. With the plan of bear-muda, you can also increase your safety. And the layout usually looks like this: the sleeping area should be situated far from your food storage area and far from your cooking area as well.

That means you have to create a triangular floor plan and you should put your tent in one point of the triangle. Also, you need to put your food storage in another point and the cooking, as well as the dining area, should be placed at the third point of the triangle.

Again another essential thing to remember is the distance which means there should be 100 yards between each end of the triangle design.

Use Bear Hang

The idea of hanging food storage on the trees during camping is known as “Bear Hang.” If you find any appropriate tree around your camping area, you should hang your food on the tree.

Also, you need to be sure that your food storage is swinging at the height of 10 to 12 feet and it is maintaining the distance of 4 to 6 feet from the tree trunk. Because the bears tend to be smart and if they once get access to your food, they will repeatedly use the same method every time. For the best security, you should use a sealed and odorless bear bag before letting your food be hanged.

Things to Know For Keeping Pet Along With You

If you are keeping a pet with you at the campsite, then you have to be very careful about its food. You need to keep pet food with human food. And also, you should avoid feeding your pet anywhere near your sleeping location.

Besides that, try to keep your pet on a leash. Otherwise, it may attract the bear, and you can lose your animal. In this way, you can protect your pet and can stay safe during camping.

Campsite Cleaning

You should not allow any food in your tent or sleeping area. Also, you consider nothing in your area that should have the smell of food such as sandwiches, energy bar wrappers, toothpaste, etc.

Again you need to cook and eat away from your sleeping area. The kitchen and dining room are also part of your camp, even if it is 100 meters away.

You should pay the same attention as your sleeping area. And the most important fact to remember is you need to burn or bury your waste before leaving the camp. Besides that, you should collect and dispose of all spaghetti noodles and popcorn as well.

Keep Everything Clean

Bears are attracted to all types of smells including toothpaste as well. For this reason, you must be careful about brushing, especially while hiking or camping. Some backcountry campers do not use toothpaste and brush their teeth with water. And others bring baking soda as it is a great, light, as well as an unscented option.

Still, other campers use toothpaste and swallow it though. However, if you choose this method, all you need is a small amount of toothpaste. And try to carry airtight plastic bags to store odorous trash or burn them if you can do it properly. Besides that, you should remove your garbage and dispose of it in suitable containers.

To ensure the best security, try to keep a clean camp. Also, store everything from food to clothing and bags in odor-resistant containers. Again you need to use nature (wind, trees, etc.) to your advantage to conserve food and reduce odors.

Bear Fence

The bear fence can be useful for keeping away hungry bears. It is an equipment that prevents a bear from physically entering into the camp. The Bear Fence is marketed by UDAP, a company of spray and bear deterrent in Butte, Montana. And the company always tries to introduce impressive and useful stuff.

Hence the Bear fence is very lightweight and portable. It can create electric shock, and you can set up it around the perimeter of your camp. This tool will work as your safety guard during camping.

Final Words

Most campers and hikers know how much bears love to root around in their garbage. So, they try to follow every step to keep the bear away. And if you are willing to go camping or hiking, then you need to learn correctly the method of maintaining the bear away. Because you don’t like to find your trash strewn in the yard near your sleeping area. And you also don’t prefer the bear munching your food.

No matter where you go camping, you should ensure the best security, especially for the bear. And we recommend you to follow those mentioned techniques to keep bear away from your campsite or hiking area.


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