How To Jump A Mountain Bike : MTB Driving Technique Tip

Last Updated on May 10, 2020

How To Jump A Mountain Bike

Use the air level

Airtime: An inspiring feeling – but it can also end with a painful fall. For a gentle landing, the multimedia driving technique series bike sport gives some important tips.

Who does not want to be safe in the air and, above all, stylish to make a jump on a mountain bike? Higher! More quickly! Continue! Especially male bikers are seduced by adrenaline.

However, Kathi Kuyers also shows that women can aesthetically move in the air in this Gravity driving technique special. She is a member of the Trek Gravity Girls team and has been racing enduro races and dirt jump events for years.

Born in Oberbayerin, she loves tricks with a lot of airtime and style. In the beginning, she coached the German freeride professional and special Andi Wittmann in the jumps at the local Dirtjump plant BA trails in Bad Aibling.

Andi gives in this issue important practical tips on how to get into the landing zone with more security and style.

Straight Air – get air under both wheels

The basic jump straight air is necessary to learn jumping jumps in the air. The goal is to keep your bike under control in the air and to develop a sense of speed, height, and width.

If this is the case, tricks like the table top or toboggan can be tackled. The following picture series shows the safe flight through the air and the sovereign landing step by step.

Note: The bunny hop is a basic requirement for the straight air and should work with flat-pedal.

  1. Roll into the base position with your elbows and knees slightly bent. The view sweeps to the jump edge.
  2. Lower the center of gravity just before jumping off, bend your knees and elbows. Build body tension.
  3. At the edge, the rider straightens up with a light bunny hop. Repeated practice makes the jump soon more dynamic.
  4. Leave arms and legs loose in flight, stretch as much as possible. With a view to the landing zone, bring the front wheel down slowly.
  5. When landing, cushioning the bike with your knees and elbows flexes as softly as possible.
  6. After landing, the gaze is directed far ahead in preparation for the next obstacle.

Table Top – Lay the bike flat in the air

The Table Top is a casual trick to attract attention when jumping. For Andi Wittmann, who learned his skills on the BA trails near Bad Aibling, the Table Top was one of his favorite tricks.

Unfortunately, he can not jump this trick after his heavy fall in August 2015. In this driving technique series, Kathi jumps the base table top with wheels turned horizontally to the right.

Note: This trick can be learned very well on the trampoline with a special tramp bike.

  1. Start in a relaxed position, but with body tension in the basic position and jump off at the edge as in the straight air.
  2. Just after the takeoff, turn your right hand on the handle forward as if you were accelerating upside down
  3. By the angular momentum, the right end of the handlebar is pushed under the left axis. The right knee stabilizes the bike on the top tube.
  4. The bike gets trapped automatically. For a maximum tilt slightly open the left hand.
  5. The left foot may lose the pedal due to the extreme inclination of the bike, but that’s not so bad.
  6. When straightening the bike, the foot will automatically slip back onto the pedal. Now land softly looking forward.

How To Jump A Mountain Bike

Stylish and fast to learn

The toboggan, also called “T-bog” in the scene, is a quick-to-learn trick for those who can take their hand off the handlebars in flight. Start on the trampoline with a tramp bike.

Then it continues with landings in Foampit or woodchips. A slow approach increases self-confidence and minimizes falls. The movement shown here is for bikers who are standing with their right foot forward.

Note: The cables must be long enough to hit the handlebar 90 degrees.

  1. As in all jumps, roll relaxed in the basic position with loose elbows and knee joints.
  2. Push the bike slightly forward after the jump. Focus, therefore, moves slightly backward.
  3. Just before the highest point, the left-hand grasps the saddle. At the same time, the handlebar is hit and led to the saddle.
  4. T-bent veterinarians can push the hips as far back as possible over the rear hub for more style points.
  5. Before landing, solve the trick by grasping the handle with your left hand and straightening the handlebar.
  6. Bend the landing as softly as possible by bending the elbows and knees. Look sweeps far ahead.


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