How to Get Rid of Pet Hairs With Vacuum Cleaners

Last Updated on April 28, 2020

How to Get Rid of Pet Hairs


Dog, cat or other hairy pet owners have one of the biggest difficulties when it comes to cleaning. The main difficulty lies with the cleaning of pet hairs. They seem to constantly float around and get deposited on various surfaces.

Different surfaces react differently with pet hairs. While with glossy surfaces, a simple wipe can take care of it, at the same time, surfaces such as carpets and bed sheets need a little bit of more care. Vacuum cleaners are the best at taking care of pet hair related problems.

They are efficient, powerful,and compact and users have more ease than applying other types of fixes. Two types of cleaners can be effective, depending on the amount of cleaning one is expecting.

A canister vacuum or an upright vacuum cleaner can be great for floors and carpets, while a handheld vacuum cleaner can take care of small spills and pickup duties around the house from time to time.

Using vacuum cleaners to clean carpets

Cleaning carpets can be a harassing event. Especially for people with hairy pets at home. Pet hairs gets easily stuck to the surface and worst of them all, they even get embedded between the fabric strands. Carpets and rugs capture a good amount of pet hairs all the time.

Moreover, cats and dogs absolutely love lying over and rolling on those carpets. This can lead to skin irritations, allergies or provide a good natural breeding ground for pathogens and bugs.

Thus, it is important that deep cleaning of carpets are done at least on monthly basis to make sure that they are free from any allergens or pet hairs.

Using an upright vacuum cleaner like Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright can prove to be a good choice since the suction power with rotating brushes can easily get rid of embedded hairs. Once in a while, washing the carpets thoroughly with wet/dry system vacuum cleaners can also be done.

Getting rid of hairs on stairs / floors and getting the corners

Generally pet hairs tend to accumulate. Like a tumbleweed formation, it can lie on the corners of stairs and room without anybody noticing. These are organic material so expecting unwanted bugs and other nuisance is not a far-fetched thought.

Moreover they can cause allergies. Keeping these small spaces clean can add and upgrade overall home hygiene. A handheld vacuum cleaner is the best bet. The advantage lies in the factor that one can clean as and when needed on demand without all the hassle of taking out a full length vacuum cleaner for a small task.

To make it easy further, one may select a battery operated handheld vacuum cleaner like Dyson V6 trigger to do away with all the wires altogether. This vacuum cleaner in particular gets the best value for money since it has powerful suction, long lasting battery and also easy to clean once done.

Remove pet hairs from sofa and beds and clothes

Removing pet hairs from fabrics are a pain. Well, not so much if one is informed and takes the correct measures. Pets are almost always next to family and even family to people. If proper care is taken with pets, they seem to loose less hairs.

But mostly, even that amount of hairs is not something somebody will want all over their clothes, bedding or sofa sets. All said and done, taking out a handheld vacuum cleaner is the best way.

Also, just a piece of product like a lint remover brush can help in further removing all the traces and strands left and embedded within fabrics. These brushes are perfect for use with clothes like winter wear, trousers, shirts etc and also play well with bedsheets, mattresses, sofa covers, etc.

While a vacuum cleaner helps in removing the loose hairs over the fabric and on crevices, the brush will remove anything on surface, thus a complete clean surface is the result.

Car upholstery cleaning

If the dog loves the car, it’s time to take care of the seat much more. Dog or cat hairs are allergic in nature and furthermore, since car seats everybody, it will be “not so good” if friends or family gets pet hairs all over their clothes.

The best weapon to combat this situation is to carry a lint brush or a handheld vacuum cleaner, whichever is preferable. Keeping car insides clean matters a lot since it sometimes comes down to what impression the passenger is getting.

While cleaning the upholstery, one should clean away the seats, dashboard and other things before getting down to the floor. Since a lint brush cannot get to tight places as the seat junctions, a vacuum cleaner is indeed the perfect tool for the job.

Using attachments such as pet hair remover and crevice tool which can be bought separately or came with the vacuum cleaner can prove to be a useful tool in these situations.

How to Get Rid of Pet Hairs

Removing pet hairs from electronics

Electronics such as microwaves, TV, laptops, desktops attracts light dust particles and pet hairs are no different. If one has hairy pets at home, they can sometimes see the hairs floating and getting deposited over and on these stuffs.

The best way to take care of this is to first switching off the equipment in question, then after some minutes, using a powerful vacuum cleaner to suck out all the hairs and dust.

It is not recommended to open an electronic equipment to clean it without experience or knowledge since it can cause damage to the person or itself.

Cleaning on the surface is fine as that is where most pet hairs accumulate. To clean keyboards, gently hover the vacuum cleaner just over the gaps and that should suffice.

Final Words

The above article is about effectively cleaning pet hairs from almost all types of surfaces commonly encountered in everyday life. While using vacuum cleaner is a sure shot way, there are different categories of vacuum cleaners available which makes it a bit difficult to select.

From the above situations encountered, a handheld battery powered vacuum cleaner is just perfect and does a better job. Though if one wants to cover floor surfaces and such, an upright or canister vacuum with required attachments is a better way to go.

Different types of attachments can be bought separately in stores across the cities or online but before buying attachments separately online one should do the required research.


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