How to Get into Climbing

Last Updated on August 20, 2020

Climbing is a popular outdoor sport all around the world. And people love it as it is beneficial to health. Again it offers climbers to keep themselves fit besides enjoying the outdoors. And it helps to enrich their minds as well. Despite having many benefits, climbing has a negative aspect though. It can be dangerous for someone if he/she doesn’t know how to get into climbing.

How to Get into Climbing

As it requires both physical and mental activity, most people find climbing difficult. As a result, they get themselves deprived of it. So, climbers need to prepare them with the required knowledge and techniques which are related to climbing.

And once they become master in the climbing skill, they can end a climbing journey successfully. If you want to know the tactics of climbing, you may read through the article.

Find A Gym

The first step of getting into climbing is to find a climbing gym. You can go to an indoor climbing gym which offers many useful tools and benefits. After learning all the required tactics of climbing, you may move on to the next. So, you should take a look at the different gyms near you and choose the one that best suits your requirement and your budget as well.

Then you may ask for classes that are dedicated to leadership, cross-training and general training. Also, you need to ensure that the gym features full of weights, trainers, a system map, a lunar board, or a campus board. Lastly, the essential fact is you need to be an entirely open-minded person.

You should not set unrealistic expectations. You can’t finish the route at first try. So, you have to be prepared for the often failure. As we know, climbing is all about progression, and you have just made your first move.

Make New Friends

It will be perfect if you find a companion when you are learning how to get into climbing because climbing is inherently social. And you need to remember that these friends will be very much helpful for you and make you feel comfortable while learning. In case you don’t like to make new friends, we recommend you try to bring your family member as a partner.


At this stage, you need to find guiding services. As a result, you can quickly get your outdoor climbing destinations. As various services are related to climbing, you should pick the best one.

We recommend you to choose the certified guides. Although there are some reputable and professional guide services too, it will be wise to look for the experts with the certificate.

As you are a beginner climber, this type of service will surely make your path easier. And you need to remember that a guided tour is a half-day or a day event.

The guide service offers all required climbing equipment for you. They know when you climb; you generate a lot of body heat. So, they usually provide you a list of recommended clothing, which consists of sturdy, durable and breathable fabric.

You may need to bring a bottle of water and snacks for yourself, but ask the guide to tell you what to bring. Also, you should not forget to bring sunscreen, a hat and your camera.

Finally, we recommend that you work with your guide to explain what you expect from the trip. As the travel guides are small businesses, they try to customize the journey that can fulfill your requirements.


Although there is no official mentor system, mentors traditionally teach climbing. So, finding a good mentor can be difficult, and it usually takes a few turns to find a good mentor.

Besides that, you are not only looking for a mentor but also looking for a partner. That’s why you need to be sure about that you mentor comes in a friendly manner.

A good mentor has three qualities. The first attribute is experience and knowledge. The primary purpose of an expert is to pass on the experience and knowledge that he has gained.

We recommend you to look for someone who has at least a few years of outdoor climbing experience. The second attribute is security. You must not only have the knowledge and experience to be sure, but you must also apply that knowledge and expertise proactively.

The third attribute is good compatibility. Climbers often spend hours and hours together because of the nature of the climbing. So if you have nothing to say or find each other annoying, it will quickly ruin a fantastic day.

Keep Everything Clean

It’s a wrong step to use the toilet with climbing shoes. You should wear sandals. We know that it is not necessary to say, do not forget to wash your hands. That means you should keep yourself and your gears clean though.

Gear Up

You need a lot of equipment to accomplish a climbing trip. If you are climbing with a rope, you will need a climbing harness, climbing shoes, chalk, a belay device and locking carabiners. And if you are bouldering, you need shoes and a chalk bag. So, these tools vary from what type of climbing you are going to start.

Feet First

You need to remember that you do not have to interfere with the medieval practice of kicking. So, your climbing shoes should be tight, but not too close. And the pair of footwear is also designed to be worn without socks. But if you want to rent, you need to bring the thinner socks with you.

Chalking It Up

Chalk keeps fingers dry and dry fingers have better friction on climbing. If you climb higher, get a bag and chalk. And note that some gyms require the use of a chalk ball to reduce the amount of white powder that flies.

Chill Out

Gymnasiums can be cold if you do not get active. So, you need to bring warm cloth with you so that you can use it while waiting for a wall to open up. And you may probably know that keeping your limbs and joints warm, helps your body to stay in the swing during a gym session.

Warm up, and Take Rest

Climbing can be troublesome in the joints. So, you need to do a bit of cardio and dynamic stretching to warm up. And it will inevitably affect performance. Also, you should take rest after a round of trying to climb. Your body needs that too.

Choose a project

After learning the basics of climbing, you can focus on setting a goal as your next step. If you pick a project, it will help you to progress as a climber by developing technique, strength, and vision to unlock difficult sequences. In this way, you can get into climbing and can apply the already learned methods.

Final Words

Climbing is an excellent form of sport, and it helps us to stay fit. It offers benefits such as fat burning, strength training, and survival. Not only climbing helps the muscles, but also it can help mentally. So, everybody should try climbing, even though this sport is dangerous. But by following some significant steps, anyone can reduce the risk involved in climbing.

As you are a novice climber, we recommend you to learn and practice more the techniques of climbing. Also, you should follow an expert’s suggestion indeed.


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