How to Choose Your Arrows?

Last Updated on June 21, 2020

How to Choose Your Arrows: Choosing your arrows may seem difficult given the number of different sizes and the variety of materials used for its development. Here are the tips that will help you make the right choice.

How to Choose Your Arrows

Determine Your Elongation

To choose the correct size of your arrows, you will be asked to “determine your elongation”, it may be that this expression leaves you perplexed.

In fact, it’s very simple; the elongation corresponds to the distance between the handle of the bow (or rest arrow) and your hand (or point of notching of the arrow on the rope) when you are in a position of shot and ready to release the rope. This length is specific to each archer and evolves according to age and size. The elongation is measured in inches.

Caution: An arrow that is too short can cause injury. Indeed if the arrow does not match the length of the archer, it can come out of the arrow rest and lodge in the arm of the archer. In addition, an arrow too short will result in you letting go of the rope always too early and losing precision.

Choose Your Arrows According to Your Type of Bow

Buying the arrows adapted to your type of bow is essential. As explained previously, there are 3 types of bow:  pulley, longbow, or classic; and each of them requires the use of specific arrows.

From the point to the notch, though the size of the tube and the feathers, each element needs to be taken into account in your decision. Finally, it is according to your shooting power and your budget that you choose the material in which your arrows are made.

What Is the Composition of an Arrow

An arrow, whatever its nature, the mark of its manufacturer or its size, will always be composed of a steel point, a tube (also called a barrel), a notch, and three feathers (also known under the empennage name).

How to Choose the Material of the Tube of Your Arrow?

There are four different types of arrow tubes:

  • Wood
  • Carbon
  • Aluminum and Carbon
  • Aluminum

The wooden tubes are intended mainly for arrows for longbow bows. Being made of a natural material, the wooden arrows have a shorter lifespan than those made of metallic materials.

Carbon tubes are the lightest. They allow obtaining arrows of great strength, able to travel long distances without ever being deformed. Carbon tube arrows are an excellent investment in the long term.

The arrows with composite tubes composed of a layer of aluminum and a layer of carbon have the immense advantage of having the best of these two materials: strength, lightness, and ability to travel long distances.

Aluminum tubes are a long-term investment because of their high strength. They give light arrows, easy to handle by beginners. They are perfect for shooting short or medium distances.


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