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Today, in any optics salon, you will be offered a large selection of sunglasses. How to choose sunglasses that will reliably protect your eyes from sunlight (including harmful ultraviolet radiation), and at the same time will be fashionable and make you more attractive?

How to Choose Sunglasses

Some recommendations for choosing sunglasses are provided in this publication.

How to Choose Sunglasses

1. Sunglasses shape

Sunglasses are intended, first of all, to protect the eyes from too bright sunlight, including ultraviolet rays, which are dangerous for the health of the eyes. Therefore, if you need glasses to protect from bright sunlight, then when buying sunglasses or a frame for them, try to choose large frames (with large lenses) with wide ear hooks, as well as frames that are closer to the face. Such glasses will better protect your eyes from bright sunlight and harmful ultraviolet rays.

We also advise you to pay attention to the frames of the tight-fitting shape (the plane of the frame is more curved than conventional spectacle frames). Curved frames fit more tightly to the face and therefore allow less light to pass into the eyes. Many manufacturers of sunglasses have in their assortment of such frames.

However, keep in mind that diopter lenses are difficult to insert into tight frames. Most eyeglass lenses are flatter and, therefore, cannot be inserted into curved frames, and furthermore, they will not provide you with a good quality of vision. However, currently, a number of manufacturers of spectacle lenses produce special lenses for tight frames. We note at the same time that far from every optician will undertake the installation of such glasses.

2. Style and Sunglasses

About the style, as well as tastes, do not argue. Everyone chooses what he likes best. Sunglasses with decorative elements, metal overlays, inlay, and rhinestones are very popular. Fans of modern tattoos will prefer Ed Hardy sunglasses, which use motifs from drawings by world-famous artist Ed Hardy.

Another fashion trend is mask glasses and sunglasses made from a single block of transparent plastic, directly attached to the ear hooks (for example, the glamorous model Emporio Armani 9592). Aviator sunglasses remain in fashion.

3. Sunglasses lenses

Various types of lenses are used in sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses (i.e., sunglasses with polarized lenses) have long been in demand among fishing and water lovers.

Such glasses do not let in light reflected from the water surface, which interferes with excellent viewing, and therefore in polarized sunglasses vision becomes much better (higher visual comfort and image contrast).

Now sunglasses with polarizing lenses are recommended for all users of sunglasses because they have a higher quality of vision compared to glasses with conventional lenses. Polarizing lenses are available in various colors (gray, brown, etc.).

Also, polarization lenses come in all optical designs (from single-focal to progressive) and are made from a variety of materials (including high-impact polycarbonate and high refractive polymers).

An excellent choice for sunglasses would be photochromic lenses. These lenses under the influence of ultraviolet sunlight become dark like ordinary colored lenses of sunglasses, and indoors they quickly lose their color and become completely transparent like unpainted lenses.

For those who have to wear glasses all the time, photochromic lenses allow instead of one pair of glasses (constantly used and sunscreens with diopters for the street) to use only one – in which photochromic lenses with diopters are inserted.

Note that most photochromic lenses “do not work” in the passenger compartment. The exception is photochromic lenses, specifically designed for use inside the car.

Finally, you can use ordinary sun lenses, painted in various colors. Lenses produce various colors: gray (first choice lenses), brown, as well as all other colors of the rainbow. Trendy colors this season are copper, coral, aqua.

If the sun lenses are too dark, this reduces the contrast and can cause problems when driving. Typically, colored lenses are used that transmit 8-30% of the sun’s rays into the eye. At any intensity of staining, sun-protection lenses should provide 100% protection against UV-A and UV-B radiation.

Mirror coatings and gradient staining of spectacle lenses remain fashionable today. Also, mirror coatings make your eyes invisible behind the glasses. Popular colors for mirror coatings: silver, gold, blue, rainbow colors. Note that the color of the mirror coating does not affect the vision in glasses. Mirror coatings are usually used on dark lenses, although mirror coatings on light-colored eyeglass lenses have recently become fashionable.

4. The main thing is wearing comfort

Choosing sunglasses, you need to make sure that they comfortably “sit” on your face. Use the following tips:

  • Choose frames that match the width of your face. The edges of the frame should protrude slightly beyond the borders of your face so that the temples do not put pressure on the head.
  • Check if the temples are long enough. The rounded end of the ear hook should go around your ear. In some models, there are straight temples that should not fit the ear.
  • Check the position of the nose pads, whether you feel comfortable with them. Do they fix glasses securely, do they put pressure on the nose?
  • Wearing glasses, tilt your head, turn it left and right. If the glasses are selected correctly, they will remain in place.
  • The color and shape of the frame depending on your preference. For more reliable protection against ultraviolet rays of the sun, choose frames with large lenses, wide ear hooks, as well as frames of a fit shape.
  • Choose the right lenses. Make sure the lenses provide 100% UV protection. For sports, there are recommendations for choosing the color of lenses like Sports glasses. Also, lenses made of impact-resistant materials (polycarbonate or Trivex) are recommended, which will provide you with greater safety.

5. Portal Sunglasses

Our section Collections of spectacle frames and sunglasses will also help you in choosing sunglasses. In it, you can read the description and see photos of male, female, and children’s models of sunglasses from more than 300 collections presented on the Russian market.

Today, Ray-Ban, Matrix, Polaroid, Silhouette, and Prada sunglasses collections are very popular.


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