How to Choose a Tactical Backpack

Last Updated on May 1, 2020

How to Choose a Tactical Backpack

A tactical backpack is a convenient bag which is used to carry your assets safely without causing any damage to the belongings inside the bag. Usually, bags are made up of various materials like plastics, polyethylene, nylon, carbon etc.

Without these bags, it is certainly impossible for anyone to think about travel or a hike because your belongings need to be put in some sort of bag to outset your hiking.

Essential items like clothing, weather gear, hygienic materials, safety materials like flint, knife, etc. are very much necessary for an adventurous hiking and the most indispensable requirement for any hike is water.

But is there a possibility to carry water in a bag? Yes, water can be carried in a bag without using a bottle. Not all the bags, only a few make of tactical backpacks possess that capability.

Tactical backpacks would be the best bet for any type of indoor and outdoor travel. Like bicycle saddle bags are the best if you go short cycling trip.

The tactical bags are one of the important things every traveler need with them while they go for a camping, hiking or going to enjoy the wild outdoors. The benefit is that they can easily fit inside your tactical backpack.

Tips for choosing the right Tactical Backpack

There are several crucial features that a high-class tactical backpack should possess. Some of them are here


A tactical backpack must always be purchased without any apprehension regarding its size. Some might think that a large tactical backpack would carry many items but they don’t tend to care about their efficiency and strength to carry it.

They realize only when they are on hike and it would be very late to make a decision then. So before investing in a tactical backpack, it is very important to consider the size of the bag whether it matches with the strength and height of the bearer.

Moreover, the tactical backpack should have enough space and a good number of compartments to carry everything you need.


Some of the tactical backpacks may cause much strain over the shoulder and waist areas due to its hard straps tailored inappropriately. Such kind of faults cannot be found by seeing but, it can be felt only when you carry it.

Those hard straps would create abrasions on your shoulders and waist thus mitigating your speed in your travel.

So, before getting a new tactical backpack make sure about the comfort features of the tactical backpack like the soft nylon jersey or mesh below the strap which would be very helpful to get rid of the pressure of the tactical backpack on the shoulders.


Whenever a negotiation arises about the quality of the tactical backpack it is clearer that it very much pertains to the durability of the tactical backpack.

In other words, durability refers to the withstanding power of the tactical backpack against the number of times it has been used with the maximum load.

Tactical backpacks which are tolerant to the wear and tear of the climatic and manmade situations are highly considered to determine its strength and durability.

Chest Strap

Apart from the shoulder straps in a tactical backpack, there are some additional straps which support the lifter to carry the bag easily. The chest strap is one of such additional straps set to support the shoulder straps.

Without the chest strap, a heavy tactical backpack would oscillate and jump while carrying it thus making the wearer tired quickly.

This Chest strap would disperse the weight of the tactical backpack efficiently so that the weight would not concentrate on the upper shoulder and the pelvic region.

Moreover, the oscillation of the bag can also be eliminated. So, a tactical backpack with a chest strap is an outstanding feature suitable for heavy duty purposes.

Hydration Bladder

The hydration bladder is a crown feature available in the recent tactical backpacks which serve the wearer by providing water which is most required element while hiking. These hydration bladders are made up of plastics or a special rubber which can accommodate 3 to 4 liters of water.

The hydration bladder consists of a hollow tube with a bit valve which allows the wearer to drink water by biting it without stopping the hike and without disturbing the tactical backpack.

Utility Pockets

Utility pockets are the comfortable extra feature that quality tactical backpacks can possess. Hikers may need to access a knife; mobile phone; flint etc while traveling and due to the weight of the tactical backpack the wearer cannot access it swiftly.

Availability of small utility pockets in the accessible areas will be very useful to the wearer as per his need. Scratch resistant pockets for mobile phones are an added luxury option to this factor.


The small tactical backpacks are extremely supported with the weightless aluminum frame built both internally and externally.

External framework backpack provides a lot of space between the wearer and the backpack thus providing surplus ventilation but it is considerably heavy and it is suitable when you carry some breakable and antique assets.

On the other hand, internal framework backpack provides a stable walk and perfect structure to the tactical backpack which is not heavy and it is suitable for a casual hike.

Velcro closures

A hiker on his travel would be so much worried about the small and expensive items kept inside the utility pockets with buttons because small items would slip through the sides and fall outside. Tactical backpacks reinforced with Velcro closures are safer than buttons providing a solution to this problem.

How to Choose a Tactical Backpack

Final Words

A tactical backpack with the above-mentioned features would certainly prove to be a long-lasting product serving the user with extraordinary contentment. Apart from that makes sure you check for the best product reviews from various genuine websites and then make a purchase.


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