How to Choose a Laptop Bag

Last Updated on April 17, 2020

How to Choose a Laptop Bag

Buying a good laptop backpack is essential, you do not want something bad to happen to your precious machine, you must guarantee its protection when transporting it to any place, it is also much more comfortable for you.

The main problem is which backpack to choose between so much variety in the market of products and models, it is important to analyze various factors such as the size of the laptop, the weight, the way of closing, the subject, among other characteristics that we will see below. We anticipate that some of the best valued by the buyers are the Wenger WA-7329-14 models and the Case Logic DLBP116K backpack.

Before Buying a Laptop Backpack?

Waterproof material

What happens if it starts to rain and you bring the small backpack with the laptop? It would be a hurry not to have a backpack with rain protection. This type of backpack is usually designed with waterproof, resistant materials; you never know when a liquid accident may occur.

Shock resistant material

It is important that the pack has a shell, foam rubber or some protective material inside if you have both much better. At any time you can receive a blow and if it is unprotected it could be damaged.

Some models have a special design that surrounds the laptop in an air capsule, reducing the effect of external shocks.


Ideally, the backpack should have a space dedicated to the laptop, so that other objects can not scratch the case, and is protected from a spill or any accident. For example, if you transport a thermos with water and it is not properly closed, the equipment does not run any risk by being in a special compartment.


The variety of laptops is even bigger than that of backpacks, there are many sizes, thicknesses, weights, etc. Ideally, the size of the backpack you choose should match the size of your laptop. If this exceeds 17 inches, you must take this feature into account, since the capacity of many models is 16 inches.

Comfort and design

The variety of designs is huge, the choice is in your hands according to your tastes and needs. The important thing and what you really have to look for is that it has strong and resistant straps, which are padded to reduce the impact on the shoulders when carrying a lot of weight, as well as the material between the back and the computer.


Is it better to choose a laptop backpack? We do not recommend choosing a backpack for its price since you can get more expensive grace when the laptop is damaged by poor protection. Why not choose an economical but good quality one?


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