How to Choose a Folding Knife – 5 Tips & Recommendations

Last Updated on August 16, 2020

How to choose a folding knife: The choice of a high-quality pocket knife for everyday use (or just frequent use) requires a rather serious approach because with a large number of knife companies. And with just a huge assortment of “folders.”

How to Choose a Folding Knife

How to Choose a Folding Knife

It is quite easy to make a mistake and choose a folding knife that is completely unsuitable for solving practical problems. That is why, in the first place, attention should be paid not to the external knife (although it is certainly important), but to a number of factors, which we will discuss below.

1. Brand Matters

The acquisition of branded knives is by no means a tribute to fashion or a desire to brag to others. On the contrary, it has a number of advantages over the purchase and use of “names” or budget products of Chinese manufacturers.

  • Firstly, by purchasing a brand knife, you can be 99% sure of its quality, and the conformity of the steel grade declared.
  • Secondly, the level of assembly and sharpening from the box for such knives is much higher than that of most ordinary “Chinese”.
  • And finally, thirdly, branded products have an appropriate guarantee and, if necessary, can be replaced or repaired at the manufacturer’s service centers free of charge.

2. Good Folding Knife = Good Knife Steel

For an EDC-warehouse, good blade steel is of no small importance, because he not only has to cut a lot but also constantly be with his master, being exposed to moisture and other negative factors.

For this reason, the most optimal (but at the same time – fairly budget) steel for folding knives for everyday use can be stainless steel type 440C, AUS-8, or semi-stainless steel type D2.

3. Convenient Handle

Paying attention to the beautiful shape of the blade, adapted to solve certain problems, many buyers of knives practically do not attach importance to the shape of the handle, thereby making a big mistake. After all, it is from her, in the first place, that convenience in handling the knife and safety when working with it will depend.

A good knife handle should not be slippery, should not have sharp shapes, digging into the palm of the hand while holding, and should also be large enough to work with gloves (at least if it is intended to use a pocket knife outdoors in the cold season).

4. Blade Lock – an Important Part

The folding knife lock is another important point to pay attention to. It should be reliable, convenient, and, if possible, simple. So, one of the most universal and practical options is the liner lock familiar to everyone, capable of working in almost any environment (and not afraid of pollution, unlike, for example, axis).

5. Clip for Easy Wearing of a Folding Knife

If a folding knife is supposed to be used every day and for this purpose, it should be worn on a belt or pocket, then a clip should be its obligatory part.

Last Words

Moreover, it should be tough and durable, providing reliable fixation of the knife. Otherwise, at one point, the folder may simply be lost. Another extremely desirable option for any folding knife is the ability to install the clip on both sides of the handle and in any position.


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