How to Carry A Guitar When Bicycle Touring

Last Updated on January 14, 2020

How to Carry A Guitar When Bicycle Touring

A bicycle can take you all kinds of adventurous place, and there are no better ways to enjoy the adventure of the site than a bicycle, this is the real beauty of bike touring. As it is faster than walking, you can travel vast distances without any real hassle so that you can enjoy the beauty of nature, fields of wildflower, the wave of the ocean, and also fell the smell of your surroundings.

If you are a musician and want to carry a guitar during the tour, it will be an excellent way to meet and make new friends enjoy the musical night and self-satisfying. But here is a problem; I get a common question from people around the world that’s how to carry a guitar? To interfere with free bicycling, you need to bring it in proper ways. Here I describe some practical ways to take a guitar when bicycle touring.

Lightweight but sizeable thing

A guitar has no heavyweight. It is lightweight to carry, but the main problem is its size. It is bulky, and it takes enormous space. It would be best if you found an excellent way to transport your guitar in a comfortable position without damaging it as well as resistance less. If you get it vertically on your backside, it may create resistance when going downhill.

Another option, you can take it horizontally of the back of your bike in, in this case, it takes vast distance, which may cause great trouble when crossing populated or a narrow path. Even it can be damaged by conflicting somewhere.

It can create huge resistance

Some of the bikers carry his guitar on the back. But it is not a perfect process to take that. When you go downhill, it is the cause of concern that the resistance produced by the guitar on your back may affect your total tour.

This process is also not suitable for hot weather. During warm weather, when you carry this item on your back, your backside will be sweated, and you will feel an unpleasant situation.

So it is not an ideal way to carry your guitar on your back due to its resistance. If you take it on the backside of your bike in a vertical position, your body could resist the wind. On the other hand, when you plan to carry it horizontally on the backside of your bike, you need to think about its space because it would stick huge far on the back.

Attach Airpannier

Airpannier is a better option to carry a guitar on the bike. It can carry more than 140 kg of weight, which is much more than you will need. It is an adjustable gear; you need to adjust the Airpannier on the back of your bike. The popularity of Airpannier is increasing day by day. It is very light at only 226 gm; even you can carry it in your pocket.

The built-in hooks of the Airpannier allow it to attach on your bike easily. Now you need a hard guitar case to finish your task. Then, adjust your guitar on the air pannier to an optimum position, which provides you a safe and comfortable journey.

Building a Rack

Many musician bikers build a rack and attach this on their bike to carry their musical instruments such as guitar, ukulele, Harmonium, etc. you can still use to make this type of rack. Steel is more cumbersome than Aluminum, but you can easily find someone on the road in case of emergency repairing who can weld still.

You need almost 8 ft Aluminum bar and 4 square ft sheet to do this task. Weld them in a triangle model and attach the plane sheet to guard the mud or sand producing by the wheel. Hope the rack will work great for carrying your guitar, and you feel interrupted freecycling for its vertical position.

Another option you have is to carry a touring size guitar. It is very more comfortable to carry on a bike. But it is not an ideal solution due to its playing variation. A travel guitar and a general guitar are not similar to their chords. So it may be annoying for you to play a travel guitar.

Final Words

In a world of crisis, cycling may be a powerful option to prevent the wasting of limited resources. It is a great option to enjoy the beauty of nature, wildlife beauty, mountains, and waves of an ocean during a bicycle tour.

If you are a musician, a cycling tour will be an excellent option for you to interacting with new people and enjoy a musical night. Here I describe some ways to carry a guitar while bicycling tour. Hope, this article will help to bring a guitar while bicycle touring. Have a great musical bicycle tour!


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