How to Avoid Saddle Sores

Last Updated on September 23, 2020

Saddle sore is a common problem of bikers. You may have strong legs, finely tuned heart and lungs, or expensive and lightweight bike, if your backside started to hurt, both of your ride enjoyment and speed would destroy.

As a result, you’ll begin to shift around consistently to find the comfier position instead of focusing on the ride. The saddle sore is that painful situation that results from spending extended time on the saddle.

How to Avoid Saddle Sores

Why Saddle Sore Causes?

Generally saddle sore is that condition when your skin gets rubbed against your shorts and saddle. Which is also known as your butt? In more explanation, the area of your body which is most vulnerable to saddle sores is your tuberosity bones, known as sit bones and perineum.

These won’t show the alarming signs soon. It may grow for a serious condition if you let this untreated. Saddle sore contains three different stages. In the beginning, chafing causes superficial skin abrasions which are very irritating. If you don’t treat earlier, the wound may get infected by bacteria. The most painful stage is the third stage.

There the injury constitutes the formation of abscesses. The saddle sore becomes hard to avoid if you ride a bike often or go for a long journey. The bruises get formatted with a combination of your pressure bearing down on the saddle of body weight, and constant pedaling motion created friction; moisture formed from sweat increased temperature and reduced blood flow.


For preventing saddle sores, there is a number of steps. Using these steps, you can easily reduce discomfort and prevent the formation of sores. The steps are described below:


Fitting of a bike perfectly is essential to avoid sores. If your bike is fitted incorrectly, then the saddle height becomes incorrect, and the handlebar height distributes your body weight poorly or leads to excessive rocking in the saddle.

Both of these create discomfort. Another common cause of saddle sore is leg length discrepancies. So, to avoid saddle sores, you must have to fit your bike correctly.

Choosing Saddle

Backside may differ from person to person, but there are fitting saddles for everyone in the market. If you think that big and padded saddles are best, then you are nothing but a fool.

Ultra-light seats can be the most comfortable perch sometimes. You may choose different saddle designs but remember that your saddle has to help you to alleviate pressure and has to carry any displaced pressure elsewhere.


Shorts can act a critical role to prevent sores. If you buy cheap cycling shorts, a high risk of getting sores remain there.  Budget shorts are the route to create sore behind.

You can pay more to buy recognized and respected manufacturers, but you have to remember that pad and improved comfort you’ll get back from it. Different pads of saddles suit different riders.

If you find that one short is suitable for you, then stick with it. And never wear extra underwear with your shorts especially which are made of cotton. This type of underwear holds much moisture and causes soreness.

Emollient or Chamois Creams

Before riding, you can apply chamois cream directly on your pad and your perineum. You may feel a little strange and squishy, but it prevents saddle soreness miraculously.

It works to avoid saddle sores by reducing frictions, hydrating the screen and avoiding the cracks. You may find some brands that contain antibacterial properties.

Slow Build-Up

Like other steps of cycling training, you have to build up slowly. If you build up slowly, your body will get enough time to adapt. The novice riders sit reasonably heavily on the saddles, and as a result, they face more bounce typically at their saddle.

Experienced riders put more weight and power on their pedals. They get more stable positions on the saddle. If you start your training with following a structure, you’ll get enough chance to develop your fitness and techniques. These will help you to prevent saddle sores.

Standing Up

If you are in a long ride, then try to stand up out of the saddle every 10-15 minutes. It will allow your backside to take a bit of break and restore the blood flow.

Keeping Clean

To avoid saddle sores, always wear clean shorts in every ride. If you wear one short again and again, it becomes damp and dirty. And the furuncles and folliculitis thrive in wet surroundings.

Before getting out on a multi-day trip, make sure that you have packed enough shorts with you or some travel wash. You can use antibacterial soap in your shower after a ride.

Anatomical Issues

There are some more serious and gender-specific conditions that can arise from the ill-suited saddle or poor positioning.

Male Riders

The dorsal penile nerve can produce a sensation of penile numbness. You must have to alleviate immediately while shifting position or stand out of the saddle, or you finish your ride.

You should take this seriously if it lingers. It can be symptomatic of the development of erectile dysfunction. If you put excessive pressure, it can damage and lead to the infection of the urethra.

This is marked as burning or stinging when you go to the toilet after finishing your ride. Sometimes there may have blood in the urine. If you notice all of these symptoms, go for medical advice as soon as possible.

Female Riders

Painful urethral compression, damage, or infection while urinating and blood in the urine also cause an issue for female riders. The saddle demands are different for women from male riders.

It is issued by wider hips and profoundly different pelvic designs. You may find many cut out saddle designs for a female in the market. But the reality is these are made for male riders and modified merely to marketing for the female riders. These designs are not perfect for female riders.

From some issues of female riders, trauma, and inflammation of the labial tissue are reasonably common. There are so many cut-out saddles in the market that alleviate pressure in the inner labia and transfer it to the outer labia.

Adopting an unusual position on the saddle causes severe inflammation and swelling and makes the area more prone and more damage. Alleviating discomforts may lead to back or knee injuries.


Your knickers have to be breathable. So, you have to ensure breathable knickers before going on a ride. Notably, a natural fiber made knickers is best.


You have to ensure enough rest for the affected area. That means you may have to stay off from riding a bike for some days.

Final Words

Saddle sores are most irritating. For preventing saddle sores, the steps described in this article are enough. But if you feel the symptoms of sores, try to cure them as soon as possible.

If you don’t treat those earlier, these may cause severe infection. If these steps go in vain and your injury becomes worse than don’t spend time thinking about what to do. You must have to go to the doctor to cure it.


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