Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw Reviews

Last Updated on February 25, 2019

Hunting and camping are the two most popular adventurous activities. These are risky and full of uncertainty yet fun. The hunters and campers need to have some specific tools with them 24/7.

No one knows when which tool will be required. A tree saw is such a tool which is required to cut through woods.  A hunter can miss the target if the forest is too dense.

So, sometimes you may need to trim and cut the trees. A tree saw is a handy tool for campers and hunters as they are continuously walking through the woods and might need to camp there.

Saws have seen a drastic change in their construction and quality. A good quality tree saw needs a combination of a sharp blade and sturdy handle.

We were looking for a tree saw which can impress us with its uniqueness, convenience, and performance. Finally, we found one such product about which we can write about in details.

So, today we are going to review Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw with Wrist Lanyard and Sling for Cutting Trimming Hunting and Camping.

Before getting into detailing the one feature that needs highlighting is extensibility. It’s so good that it is impressive. Let us start the review to know more about this tree saw.

Features of the Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw

Extendable Mechanism

This tree saw can be extended up to 10 feet and collapsed down to 28 inches. The extendable mechanism helps to reach the tallest of the tree’s branches with or without the treestand as well as reaching the bottom of the tree with a similar amount of ease which other tree saws can’t do.

It can be used as a handsaw by detaching the extension. The extendable arm is very lightweight and easy to hold. It is effortless to attach or detach the extended arm from the lock back blade.

Lock Back Blade

The blade is super sharp. It provides effortless cutting without tiring the arm and has a longer cutting life. The blade is constructed from high carbon SK5 steel combined with impulse hardened 4-edge tooth.

It ensures durability. It has a Megabite XP design which helps the blade to cut clean and fast without clogging the movement of the blade. The cutting ability is unmatched. The blade locks securely in its place due to lock blade system and provides maximum safety.


This tree saw is apt for versatile use. It can be used as a handsaw as well as a long tree saw by attaching it with the pole. To use it with the extended pole, the folding need to be slid all the way to the locking spot of the extended arm and lock it into it. It is possible due to its inline design which allows it to be used with the extended arm and without the extended arm as a handsaw.

Positive Locking System

The I-beam aluminum construction of the extended arm ensures sturdiness and allows to use this tree saw in every possible situation and condition.

The positive locking system locks each part of the telescopic aluminum extended arm individually. It ensures safe-hold and eliminates the chances of slippage of the arm during the use.

Compact Design

A very lightweight tree saw which locks securely in its place. It is convenient to carry due to its safe locking system.  It is compact and easy to pack in the backpack during traveling. It hardly occupies any place while storing it.


  • Extendable
  • I-beam aluminum construction
  • Mega Bite XP lock back blade
  • Inline design
  • Positive-locking extension system


  • Though not frequent, the blade will need replacement if used continuously in vigorous cutting

Final Words

This tree saw is a quality product and comparatively better than the rest available in the market. It lasts long, the extension and collapsing mechanism are great, and it cuts the wood smoothly without putting too much effort.

We are quite hopeful about providing the right amount of information regarding this tree saw. So, if you are in a search for a tree saw for hunting and camping then you must try Hooyman.


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