Hoover Windtunnel 3 Pro Pet Vacuum Reviews

Last Updated on April 23, 2018

Hoover Windtunnel 3 Pro Pet Vacuum

Deep cleaning of your carpets when you have a pet at your home is really troublesome. Pet hairs get embedded deep within the strands of your carpet even in cracks and crevices of your furniture. These don’t come off that easily.

Vacuuming hard in these scenarios become a necessity, to remove these effectively. Hoover windtunnel 3 Pro Pet Upright (UH70931PC) is all about combating these situations effectively. Not only pet hair, but embedded dust removal, is not a problem with this monster.

This hoover windtunnel 3 pro pet review will reveal in details how capable and efficient this device is when it comes to vacuum cleaning your house.

Powerful suction with WindTunnel 3 technology

Powerful suction is the life force of vacuum cleaners and combined with WindTunnel 3 technology, Hoover has moved the capability of this vacuum cleaner to a whole new level.

This technology actually creates three lines (channels) of air suction which lifts dusts and dirt effectively even if it is embedded deep within your carpet. When you have a clog or filter is blocked due to excessive debris, the device shuts down so as to prevent further damage to the system.

This auto feedback system helps one determine the level of maintenance needed to the cleaner and also prolongs life of the system.

Anti-allergen protection

In various cases, vacuum cleaners have been reported to cause dust allergy in individuals who are prone to it. Hence, for them this is a suitable product.

This comes with HEPA media air filtration system which stops about 99.9% allergen from exiting the vacuum, so that the exhausted air is free of them.

It also combines a carbon media with this HEPA filtration system that absorbs odor. The filter media is reusable and washable which makes it even more alluring for users.

Multi Floor brush roll On/Off

Using vacuum to clean the carpets and floor at the same time may be tedious since most vacuum cleaners have manual brush removal. But with this, moving from carpet cleaning to hard floor cleaning needs just a push of a pedal.

This stops the brush roll which is effective in cleaning carpet but should not be used with floors for obvious reasons.

Pet Hair cleaning and carpet deep cleaning

Pet hairs are a nuisance to almost every family specially with people who has multiple pets. Hairs over sofa, carpet, rugs and bed are a common phenomenon and people are often worried sick about it. This Hoover vacuum cleaning system seems as if it is made for this job.

It comes with a host of pet hair removal accessories including upholstery tool for pet hair, pet turbo tool used for furniture, decors and stairs, also an extension wand(telescopic) to increase the hose length and also crevice tool for cleaning the nooks and crannies.

No hassle to change dirt bags

Dirt bags pose a lot of problems in vacuum cleaner when it comes to maintenance. One have to detach it, wash it thoroughly for reuse and it has a specific number of times for which it can be put to use. This is a continuous headache and expenditure.

This hoover vacuum cleaner is a bagless unit. This means no worries about emptying bags and washing them thoroughly. It contains a dirt chamber which can be emptied easily into a bin without any fuss.


  • Good amount of suction power coupled with WindTunnel 3 technology gives it a suction boost.
  • Allergen protection is served with HEPA filter media combined with carbon filtration.
  • Filter pads can be washed for reuse.
  • Deep cleaning of carpets and rugs is possible with multi-roll brush and lots of specific accessories for pet hair removal.
  • The power cord is long enough to do cleaning jobs efficiently.


  • Some of the hoover WindTunnel 3 pro pet review states that it is a bit on the heavy side weighing about 18 lbs.
  • Filter attached needs regular cleaning after a good amount of work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  What happens when it shuts down automatically?

A: If it shuts down automatically, A dirt chamber emptying can be done followed by a thorough filter media wash. This should be done after the device cools down.

Q: What is the pet turbo tool attachment?

A: This tool is vacuum powered and when attached, gives a good amount of suction and acts like a beater to remove pet hairs efficiently.

Q:  Can hardwood floor be cleaned with this vacuum unit?

A: Yes, hardwood floor can be cleaned easily. Make sure that the brush roll is switched off while cleaning floors.

Final Words

If you are looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner and have pets at home, this hoover device is better suited at fulfilling your needs. As the above hoover WindTunnel 3 pro pet review comes to a conclusion, it had seen some drawbacks of this device also.

These little setbacks are common in various other brands too. If one thinks the setbacks of the device will not be a factor of consideration; then this model is a perfect match owing to the powerful capabilities, host of feature, attachments and last but not the least: its attractive price.


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