Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Reviews

Last Updated on April 23, 2018

Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub

Have you ever desired of giving your hands a break as the hard floors are being treated to the best cleans at the very same time?

Well, worry no more since Hoover has provided this option for you after designing the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub with Bonus Hard Floor Wipes which features the counter-rotating brushes and SpineScrub technology to make your cleaning so convenient.

Unlike traditional hardwood floor cleaners, this appliance basically makes use of a cleaning solution, water and some spinning brushes so as to remove debris and dirt from various floor surfaces.

Working on ceramic tiles, sealed hardwood, vinyl, marble and laminate, the dual tank system as well as specialty brushes which are meant for the wooden surfaces makes the Hoover floormate spinscrub gentle to clean various floors from all angles.

Bearing in mind that it is a water-based cleaner for floors, you might be required to vacuum or sweep the dirty surfaces before using this appliance. Besides, it’s only recommended on the bare floors. Here are the main features of the Hoover floormate spinscrub:

Suction and scrub power

The Hoover floormate spinscrub comes with 6 brushes that are disposed in a very straight line, covering its 13 inches head nozzle. These brushes make use of the patented counter-rotating technology so as to produce a constant, powerful and gentle scrub that is perfect for tiles, sealed woods, vinyl, marble and lots of other bare floors. Its vacuum mode produces a decent suction.

Tank capacity

There Hoover floormate spinscrub has 2 tanks; one which stores detergent and clean water, and another one that stores the dirty water. Hoover normally calls this the Dual Tank Technology. The two tanks have a large capacity of around 32 oz. You can also charge the clean water tank a number of times before filling the dirty water tank.

Filtration system and steam pads

There is not much filtration taking place, just a washable and replaceable filter which stands between your nose and the airborne particle. This is normally located on the lids of the dirty water tank. This enables you to access the spinscrub with ease. In addition, after you remove it, you’ll find a plastic net that requires to be cleared from time to time.

Weight and Dimensions

The Hoover floormate spinscrub measures 32 x 15 x 12.25 inches and also weights only 16 pounds. This makes it a bit bulky. However, the rubber wheels usually compensate fully for this flaw.


The Hoover Floormate SpinScrub with Bonus Hard Floor Wipes comes with 1 year of limited warranty. This is not enough but it is quite reasonable.


From most of the online stores, you can be able to purchase this device together with 30 hard-surface wipes in addition to a bottle of Hoover 15 oz Multi-Floor 2X detergent. The box contains the vacuum’s components together with a measuring cup for the detergent.

For an additional 50 dollars you can also get a detail kit as well as other accessories such as an extension wand, a smaller head and a hose for chores involving cleaning above the floor.

Special features of the Hoover floormate spinscrub

Foldaway handle – The floormate’s handle is specially designed in such a way that it folds down so as to give room for easy storage. Therefore, the machine can be tucked away in any corner or cupboard drawers where a large number of the home appliances don’t always fit.

Cleaning solution trigger – On its vacuum handle, the floormate spinscrub has a trigger. The trigger is meant to be releasing more of the cleaning solution whenever you want to focus the cleaning services on a tough stain.

This feature makes the appliance to be versatile because at some given point you will require more cleaning power than ordinary cleaning mechanisms would normally offer.


There are few features which contribute to the good usability that is provided by this product. The appliance is normally fitted with a 20-inch power cord that gives adequate room for maneuverability.

Besides being light weight, the appliance covers 11.5-inches cleaning path width. This means that you can clean large areas with every pass. The tanks can also be easily filled or emptied.


  • It is 3 devices in one –, a washer, a dryer and a vacuum — at the flip of the switch.
  • It holds lots of waste water therefore constant emptying is not necessary.
  • The appliance really works even on syrupy, sticky and set-on stains.
  • Its vacuum has the powers of conventional vacuums.
  • It is a godsend for the people who cannot wring out a mop.


  • The appliance can get a little bit tiring for the arthritic fingers to press its cleaning solution trigger.
  • The machine can also become a little heavy for one to push after doing work on a large area.
  • The cleaning solution can also be a little bit pricey.
  • It is a little unwieldy to pull it out for the ordinary spills where a mop will do.

Frequent asked questions (FAQs)

Q: Does it vacuum?

A: Just to be ensuring that we are on the same level, this appliance is not a vacuum since it only picks up dirt by water. In addition, it is not a steamer either since the water isn’t heated.

Q: Does the appliance use water or a cleaning solution?

A: The Hoover floormate spinscrub can be used with water together with a special hard-floor cleaning solution coming from Hoover. You can even make use of vinegar or other homemade cleaning solutions. It’s just a matter of personal preference. Nevertheless, the only chemical which is recommended for use together with this appliance is the cleaning solution from Hoover.

Q: Can I be able to use the appliance to sand my floors?

A: No. The Floormate isn’t designed to handle floor sanding processes. Its work is mainly limited to cleaning floors.

Final Words

To sum it up, the Hoover FloorMate is among the most versatile cleaning appliances that have been produced by Hoover; a very effective cleaning partner which most homeowners always desire to have.

There is a huge amount of reasons as to why this floor cleaner shouldn’t be looked by. Therefore, why waste time? Get one for you to have a firsthand experience!


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