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The 13 Best Hikes in Europe

The 13 Best Hikes in Europe: Hiking is one of the most engaging physical activities. Exercise is done and at the same time nature is enjoyed. That is why it is usual that, often, a part of our vacations or the trips that we are going to

The 10 Best Routes to Practice Ecological Trekking in Colombia

The 10 Best Routes to Practice Ecological Trekking in Colombia 1. Natural National Park Sierra De La Macarena The PNN Sierra de la Macarena is located in the department of Meta. Famous for its Rio de las 5 colores called Cano Crystals. The park is a mountainous

Hiking Guide Mountain Putucusi

Hiking Guide Mountain Putucusi: It is one of the toughest hiking challenges in Machu Picchu; This will take you to the top of the Putucusi mountain, with views of Machu Picchu and the entire labyrinth of mountains that surround it. Currently, the trail is free, and starts

Hiking a Good Way to Get in Touch With Nature Through Sport

Walking is a complete activity that brings many benefits to our body. In fact, it is advisable to make at least half an hour a day of walking. But if it is carried out in full nature, its benefits multiply. This is what happens with hiking, an

The Best Place in Europe for Hiking – Alentejo

The Best Place in Europe for Hiking: If Madonna has not been able to resist to know the “California of Europe”, sharing in social networks her horseback riding on the Alentejo beaches, will you be able to do it? Portugal has become, in recent years, one of

What to Do When You Face Lightning in the Mountain?

When you are out hiking, anything can happen, including sudden weather changes. A scenic mountain hike can turn into a frightening and serious emergency situation in a couple of minutes. Lightning storms can be some of the most frightening weather hazards encountered on the mountains. They tend

How to Avoid Knee Pain When Hiking Downhill?

Hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy a break from the ordinary and day to day work life. It helps you exercise, clears your mind and enables you to see incredible views as you breathe the clean, fresh air from the mountaintops. However, hiking does

Buying Guide of Hiking Boots

As you prepare for a hike, one of the most important things to consider is the type of hiking shoes/boots that you buy. There is a huge variety of hiking boots and consequently, there is a bigger chance of you getting the wrong boots. The wrong choice

How to Read a Compass

In a compass is in principle a needle-shaped bar magnet, very easily rotatably mounted on a tip. Because this magnetic needle is suspended freely movable, it aligns parallel to the field lines of the earth’s magnetic field in the direction of the earth poles. To know how

How Does a Compass Work

History and applications The compass is a measuring instrument to orient oneself, by locating magnetic North. Chinese invention, its date of creation is still a little obscure. However, writings dating back to the 4th century BC and the year 70 already dealt with magnetism. It was not