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Why You Have to Try Hiking at Night Under the Full Moon

I started walking with the moonlight when I was a teenager through the streets and fields near the city. Later I discovered that if I scheduled my trips to the mountain to coincide with the full moon, I could walk every night. The two main motivations for

8 Tips for Hiking at Night

You have a fixed image about the perfect and most common day for hiking: a sunny and bright day. However, what if you want to try something different and go at night? Hiking at night does not have to be dangerous as long as you know the

Tips for Hiking With Dogs

Hiking outdoors is a wonder; however, many pet owners find it painful to leave their companions at home waiting. The doubts about taking it or leaving it are languishing for some: could it come? Is he prepared? But the good news is that hiking with dogs is

Winter Hiking: 10 Keys to Walk Through the Snow

The cold arrives, and the mountains are covered with snow. In them, roads, rocks, and green disappear. Lakes and rivers are frozen, and the landscape is dyed white. Every winter, the most active hikers go for a walk in this landscape: they make winter hiking. For those

Hiking in Winter: What Equipment Should I Bring?

Winter is coming, and with it, we must bear in mind that it changes the environment and the conditions for hiking through the mountains of the Pyrenees. Snow covers the trails, like rocks and meadows, and the landscape is dyed white. To be able to practice mountaineering,

How to Choose the Best Climbing Rope

When buying a climbing rope, most climbers face a somewhat disconcerting situation when looking at the manufacturer’s label where a series of completely unintelligible data appear: Shock force, displacement of the shirt, elongation. With this article, we want to explain some of these concepts so that each

Adventure in Asia: Some of the Best Trekking in the Continent

Traveling and visiting the main tourist attractions and landscapes is very good, but perhaps it is necessary to go into the nature of the country, to discover its geography really and, often, its culture. The best way to make an active vacation is doing trekking, hiking, with

Trekking and Hiking

The trekking and hiking are only two sports; practice becomes a way of knowing, understanding and living the natural environment while physical activity is performed. The main difference between these two variants of mountaineering is that the hiking is done on trails and roads approved and trekking

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Mountain Boots

With the intention of throwing and help with the madness of the mountain boots, in this article we are going to give you a series of useful tips when looking for the perfect boots. Because choosing the perfect mountain boots is not a trivial matter. When you

The 13 Best Hikes in Europe

Hiking is one of the most engaging physical activities. Exercise is done and at the same time nature is enjoyed. That is why it is usual that, often, a part of our vacations or the trips that we are going to make the focus on finding an