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How to Use Walking Poles

Hiking uphill can be challenging for hikers legs and lungs. In this case, Walking poles provide extra stability to prevent falls and stumbles when the going gets tough. Most of the people understand that walking poles take the load off tired legs to make tougher walks easier.

Good and Bad Aspects of Solo Hiking and The Must-Haves

Today’s world is fast and competitive, and it is necessary to keep pace with the speed. To keep up with the pace and stay in the competition, people try to do things even if they are not happy or satisfied doing them. When nothing in life works

51 Of The Best Hiking Books Of All Time

Anything we want to do, the first thing which gives us sufficient information is a book. It enhances our knowledge about the unknown. In adventure activities (like rock climbing, hiking, surfing) knowledge is significant. When it is a matter of risk in life, one should learn everything

Best Hikes in North America

Hiking is generally a long walk on the trails. It is one of the most popular forms of break people take from their busy schedule. It is an adventurous activity as well. According to a recent study, hiking has taken the top spot as the most popular

41 Hiking Tips for Beginners

As human beings, we all just need some recreation in our life to delight our souls and mind. Besides, we also need to be healthy as well to become happy in life. And a single activity like hiking, which is not only healthy but also very enjoyable

8 Essential Tips for Hiking in Hot Weather – Keep You Safe

In the summer season, most people get vacation, and most of them pack their bags for hiking. That’s why hikers become more active in hot weather. And we know that hiking is a great pass time. Because it gives us the chance to meet excellent trails and

Grand Canyon Backpacking

The backpacking tour is always enjoyable and minds refreshing. And if Grand Canyon is such a place where you can enjoy both mind refreshing sceneries and adventure. But hiking in this area is a bit different from other regions. As a new hiker in Grand Canyon, you

Backpacking Meal Planning

Whenever and wherever you go for a backpacking tour, you must have to eat there. That’s why; meal planning is a critical part of it. On a trip, you will be outside of your home. So, you have to choose what kind of food which will nourish,

Best Hikes Around the World

If you love to explore outdoors and want to discover yourself on such a place which is surrounded by sparkling lakes, breathtaking mountains, waterfalls as well as expansive lawns, then hiking is the best option for you. Most of the adventure enthusiasts prefer hiking to get thrilled

Get into Hut-to-Hut Hiking – Gotta Love Four Walls and a Roof

Are you tired of being limited by how far you can walk in one day, but not a fan of sleeping on the ground? Maybe hut-to-hut hiking is for you. Already very common in other countries, this style of “backpacking” is gaining great popularity in the United