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How to Make A First Aid Kit For Hiking

Everyone should know to bring a first aid kit on every adventure. It’s necessary to carry a well-stocked first aid kit with you while hiking on the hills or through a deep forest. You can handle minor accidents and injuries by using any first aid kit. But

How to Cross A River While Hiking

Finding a river on the way during hiking is a widespread happening.  You will have to cross the river to go forward, and swimming is not the way to do it, although it is better to know how to swim. Knowing how to cross a river is

What to Wear Hiking in Winter – Tips & Guide

Hiking is an aged old hobby that people have been following since they discovered outdoors. Besides keeping us fit, it also rejuvenates our minds by providing fresh air. Hence, people love hiking as it let them explore the world. Although most people like hiking, they can’t complete

How to Take Awesome Hiking Pictures

To get the refresh from your body and soul, you may go for hiking. There are a lot of beautiful spots for hiking worldwide, which will amuse you. You may go there and gather adventurous experiences. And in return, you must want to come back along with

How To Read A Topographic Map

A topographic map is a two-dimensional figure used to represent the details of the area you want to know. The map consists of roads, rivers, lakes, mountains, trails, and other geographical properties of any area. It is a necessary item to bring with you when you have

Best Hikes in Central America

Hiking is one of the most favorite outdoor activities in Europe and North American regions. It is usually a vigorous walk for a long time, which is usually done on the trails or in the countryside. This kind of activity, at first, developed in the 18th century

Best Hikes in South America

South America is one of the top goals for hiking lovers. South America is an addictive place to travel in. For hiking lovers, hiking in this country is such a dream, and it is the main reason that many travelers choose South America for their trip. Amazonian

Yellowstone Backpacking

Yellowstone National Park is America’s oldest park, established in 1872. It spans over 2 million acres, and many might say it is grandest too. Yellowstone is an outdoor wonderland full of wildlife, majestic peaks, geysers, 14 rivers, and nearly 200 creeks. It’s difficult to see more than

How to Waterproof Hiking Boots

You need to keep your feet dry during hiking time. Having dry feet on adventuring time helps you to prevent blister.  When you are hiking all day long, dry feet keeps you happy and healthy. That’s why you need to keep your hiking boots waterproof. There is

How to Deal with Knee Pain

Knees are one of the essential organs of the human body that allows walking or running smoothly. Like other parts of the body, you may feel pain on knees. If you walk or run in downhill or uphill, or place your feet in the wrong position in